Monday, Monday

I’ve been lost in between trying to sleep, sleeping a few hours, being tired as hell, wishing I could sleep, and nothing is coming together quite as it should. I’ve received sage advice, from more than one person, that it will take me awhile to fit back into a niche. Really? I like the night life. I like early a.m. I don’t like the glaring sun and all the confusion in traffic and speeding vehicles on their way to who knows where in the daytime world. Continue reading Monday, Monday

Just getting started!

I think I’m kinda feeling great over the people that have left me comments, a few ‘e’ cards, and emails, all expressing how much they will miss me or are thinking of me. Honest, I’m not really going anywhere that I can’t be tracked back to right here. I will still be very active with PokerWorks and blogging away with tales of my life and poker and people, filling up the pages of Tango. Continue reading Just getting started!

It’s already Friday?

It seems like Monday started a year or so ago. Every down feels like it’s eight weeks long. There are a few half hour sessions that seem to speed by – why is that? The ones that are fun and action packed move right along, the rest of them blend into a never ending skull session of facts and figures, body heat, room noise, people bumping into the back of my chair, and la-tee-da. Continue reading It’s already Friday?

Hola! Eight hours?

The room was a screamer. I drew Table 30 in the line-up. Thank you GOD! Almost every game was either $2-5NLH or $5-10NLH to Table 40. SWEET! One $4-8H game in the mix and towards the end of the line I ran into a heads-up $200-400 half pot limit Omaha game – yes, they could only bet half the pot. Then another player came in and they decided to go to $100-200 PLO, but most of my down was spent dealing heads-up. Thor Hansen stopped by to visit with one of the players and he visited with me a bit also. I’ve known Thor since the early days at the Mirage. Great guy! My last two games in that line-up were $30-60H and $100-200H. Then I was on a break and dealt two tournament downs in Fontana, there were three tables left of the $1,000 daily tournament. What a great shift. No noise, no headaches, no card zingers, just deal and I had such nice interaction with the players. Continue reading Hola! Eight hours?

A one liner

I felt the need to add this after having received more comments from ReDRulvl. He ripped me in the first one, but has come around to a more rational level of thinking about the Overview. Nice! I think I like this kid. Hopefully we will meet and iron out all of the kinks. *ok, it’s a three liner*