I played one hand of the Two 1/4M on PokerStars today.  I looked down to A-A on the first hand.  It’s a bad sign.  You can almost feel the air around you turn to ice and start pressing in on your chest…you ain’t gonna win this hand.  I didn’t.  I raised it to 320, got two callers; flop 8d-kh-3h.  I bet 740, got raised all-in by the Jh-10H…yah, I’m a fish.  I called.  No waiting, 8h on the turn and 2c on the river left this little fishie flapping on the rail.  Fuck em, that’s all I have to say about it! On to other things. Continue reading CRIPES!

PokerWorks 8 Game Tourney

Time to play poker with all your friends, us kids at PokerWorks.  We’ll be waiting at PokerStars, 21:00 EST, May 31st, just bring $5+.50 and use the password ‘donkeys’ for a good time.  You’ll find the tournament under the private tab – PokerWorks Family – or search for it by number 159376750.  We want you!  Cancel all your previous engagements and show up.

Stopping by the Rio

As I got ready to head out of Las Vegas on Thursday, I stopped by the old digs and picked up Riot for a few days.  It created a small dilemma.  I had also planned to pick up my media pass for the WSOP and I knew I could take Riot down the hallways of the world’s biggest poker extravaganza but I didn’t want to trip into the media area with him to pick up the pass.  I called Jennifer Newell and she agreed to stay with Riot for five minutes in the hallway while I got the pass. Continue reading Stopping by the Rio

Tomorrow is…

yes it is a day.  A day of beginning, the end of the week for some, the beginning of the week for others, a day of worship for some,  a day of big Money Sundays for others and always a poker day for those who play online poker.  It is also the biweekly PokerWorks 8 Game tourney, Let me add that I would really appreciate everyone showing up and getting in the game.  I, however, cannot attend.  I will be at the Las Vegas Airport picking up son #2 and family.  I will think about all of you for a flash of a second as I go about the business of hanging out with my family. Continue reading Tomorrow is…