sis is in town

and Vegas is locking down for tomorrow night’s celebration. I started this post from across town – on the iPhone – as I was hanging out in the smoke filled sleeze hall known as the Wild, Wild West, mega long haul truckers stopover. The cigarette smoke almost knocks your nose off your face as you enter, leaving is a wonderful gift to one’s sinuses and overall hair/clothing odor, but it’s where sis and beau stop when coming through town for a few hours break or for a night’s stopover; easy on freeway, easy off freeway, and lots of room for big frigging trucks. Continue reading sis is in town

A few days after Christmas

and I want my front tooth. One of the crowns, in my upper front teeth, conveniently just slid off as I was having coffee on Saturday, the 21st. Yippee! My dentist is long gone – until after the new year. Kee-rist! What a smile! I looked like one of the pirates on the Pirates of the Caribbean until I pulled out the handy dandy tube of Super Glue. I’ve mentioned that to a few people – the super glue thing – and they kind of curl up and look disgusted, like something weird’s going on with the combination of super glue and body. Absolutely not. It’s an amazing little bit of goop. Continue reading A few days after Christmas


I receive notice of new comments on some of the blogs here on PokerWorks, Tony G. is one of them. The very last comment on this post speaks of some wrong doing that Tony did to Ralph Perry. What did he do? Beat him in the Moscow Millions tournament? Now if the comment was supposed to go on this first YouTube video on Intercontinental Poker, then the commenter may have some grounds for his stupid comment. But having dealt to Ralph Perry since he was a $20-40 H player, shooting glare daggers and throwing cards at my fingers when he missed a hand, I think Tony says what I would like to have said to Ralph a lot of times over the years. Continue reading ROFL

In a trailer down by the river

The good life. My little home on wheels, just kickin’ back, playing a little poker on the internet, working on the website, looking out my side window on a fairly calm, sunny afternoon. The blight appears. Perhaps if he were fully clothed, he wouldn’t appear as a blight, but he’s coming from the wash house, wearing a towel over his arm and a pair of gym shorts, and his bulging stomach precedes his step by two feet. Just as he reaches his little section of tarmac, right outside his little home on wheels, he puts one finger to the side of his nose and shoots snot out to the side. Guess he didn’t want to step in his own snot. Continue reading In a trailer down by the river

pill biter

As I sorted through a variety of pills in the small case I carry, I watched him watch me. His eyes never met my eyes as he watched me find one and pop it into my mouth, chasing it down with a bottle of water. A few minutes later he fidgeted for a cigarette as he waited for the break to arrive in the tournament. I said, “Give give them up.” I knew he had tried to quit before. Continue reading pill biter

Poker people are

everywhere. The Monkey arrived in town the same day that I was hanging out in Bellagio with my bro and his wife…as we were getting ready to head to the buffet. His Monkieness and I decided that we’d meet the following day/evening and have dinner. Things went as planned, family was dropped off at the airport, I went home for a nap, called the Monkey on the way, and we decided on a time and meeting place. I called Wayne, connected with him and he agreed to meet us for food too. Almost like the old Aruba days where we ran around like the three musket heads, spending our off time together. *Nice memories* Continue reading Poker people are

The Horse people came to town

and brought a few friends. Those horse people are my brother and his wife from N. Idaho. You can find them – on horseback – in this post, just cruise down to the thumbnails. They arrived on Tuesday, called me on Wednesday, and we did some hanging out together. We went to Bellagio’s buffet and it was a true food orgy for them. Sorry, I’m kind of buffet jaded and only enjoy going to one about every four to five years…NO CHIT! They get old. Bellagio’s is one of the best in town and we spent more than an hour or so there as they grazed and we gabbed.

Continue reading The Horse people came to town

More of my Blogging buddies and buddettes

I did snag a few pictures, even though they were snorty/snotty about it from management side. I posted in the PokerWorks forum about the first hand I won in the blogger tournament, mainly because I do like to have input from people on playing, especially since I’m trying to develop my online skills for the Chasing Chris project. And because I’m serious about improving my play…really, really. Continue reading More of my Blogging buddies and buddettes