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Sandpoint Idaho

Round Lake State park, the trip North, the family reunion, whatever name it should be tagged under, it was definitely an event. This year, for some reason that I can’t put my finger on, it was different. It was fun and everyone had a good time and we played poker for three days, but yet it was just different…the feel of the whole thing seemed more like it was geared to neutral than in years past. Continue reading Sandpoint Idaho

The end of the family reunion tale

The whole of it is that family reunions are supposed to be exactly that, family getting together to spend time away from the rest of the world and settle comfortably into each other’s lives for a few moments in time. Those few moments are treasured, brought out now and then to hold once again to bask in the sharing, that feeling of complete unity, that part of our history that makes life just feel damn good. Continue reading The end of the family reunion tale

The House that Ken built – the Family Reunion

Although Ken did build his house – so did Kevin – there’s so much more to building a house than just putting up a foundation and walls with a roof. Although Vicki is very industrious and a large contributing part to the marriage, the house displays mostly Ken’s personality. He’s got a very dry sense of humor and even though we threatened to kill each other when we were younger, we are very fond of each other now. I truly cherish the time I spend with him (even when he’s trying to bluff me in the family poker game :-)). Continue reading The House that Ken built – the Family Reunion

General tramping around – The Family Reunion

For some reason the word cougar surfaced on one of our first hikes. I believe it was Josh and Jenny that aired the topic as we headed off into the woods around Round Lake state park. There was a tinge of trepidation in the word, a sense of ‘are we in danger’ type of thing. Too funny. Sure there are cats out there roaming the mountains, there are some hanging out in the mountains around Vegas. Are they stalking people? NO! In general, they are nowhere near where we are, even in the deep woods. You won’t know they are there unless you see footprints in the snow…yikes…no snow in August. Oh well! Continue reading General tramping around – The Family Reunion

The Kootenai Falls adventure – The Family Reunion

We (Dan and me) started out early a.m. and headed out of Sandpoint towards Bonners Ferry ID (we were about 39 miles from the Canadian border just after going through Bonners Ferry) and then on into Moyie Springs (population 536). I remember some of this area as a kid as I lived in Troy when I was in HS. Kee-rist! That was a long time ago. Continue reading The Kootenai Falls adventure – The Family Reunion

Round Lake State Park

Dan and I headed out of Vegas on Thursday afternoon, around 2 p.m., much later than I originally thought I’d get out of there. The sun was out – a real change from the entire last week where it had been overcast and raining – and it was very hot taking down the coach set up and hitching up. Just after we showered at the bath house in the RV park and pulled out onto Boulder Highway, it started to rain. Continue reading Round Lake State Park