Happy New Year

Who wants to make a resolution when life is so much more fun if you just wing it?  Just go for what you know is right; stay away from those with bad energy; eat dessert before your meal because life is too short not to enjoy it; argue if you have to but if you can’t win, walk away and let it go; take care not to piss off the Card Fairy; play poker every chance you get but do put family and loved ones first…well…most of the time; treat the next person you meet to a smile; stay well and enjoy the hell out of 2011.

2010 on the Wane

It’s been a crazy year, but then how many of them aren’t?  I admit to not feeling the agony of mankind as much since I’ve moved to the sticks.  I used to suffer with it quite a bit when I hit the casino floor each night at work and on my way to work when I watched the relentless trail of exhaust pipes speeding off into oblivion and those that stood by the intersections with their handwritten pleas for help.  It’s been nice, being out here where the coyotes and a mountain lion or two are about the only threat one has to ponder.  I enjoy being separated from that emotional energy drain known as Sin City. Continue reading 2010 on the Wane

Merry, Merry

Whether you believe in Christmas or not, enjoy the day and spread your own internal table with a calm setting that glows of background light and energy.  Take the time to feel your inner being and enjoy the insight and strengths you’ve gained over the years.  Pat yourself on the back for building a better tomorrow, for being able to look back at your past and know it was a set of stepping stones designed to take you to where you are now, for being able to forgive yourself for mistakes you’ve made and being able to forgive those that may have made your life difficult at times.  Continue reading Merry, Merry

Hanging at the new digs

No, not pictures or trinkety things that go on the walls, just me hanging out at the new digs.  It’s been a helluva struggle this last 3 weeks and yesterday was the 3 week anniversary of when we started making dump runs and working through the wreckage what was left behind in someone’s life.  Really!  For people to live in those conditions – and at least one of them had a job – their life was a wreck.  The bad neighbors were a huge benefit for me in the long run and I’m thankful they were what they were and hope their life improves on down the road somewhere…really far away from me and mine.  Now is definitely not the time for a deep dive into the darkness that mankind swims in most of the time so let’s drift on past that one. Continue reading Hanging at the new digs

The WPBT Winter Classic – Missed it

I had no choice and it was my first miss since it all began way back when.  The way things are running right now, I have no idea if my head is on straight or glued on backwards, not that it matters, it is what it is.  I’m too busy to leave home and hoping it eases up soon.  I missed seeing all the blogging friends I’ve met over the years, and I’m hoping to find reports soon of the festivities and pictures too. Continue reading The WPBT Winter Classic – Missed it

One Giant Step Forward

foot poised in mid air, balance thrusting forward with the giant step, STOP!  There are three more things I just discovered I have to do before the giant step can take place.  Sometimes it’s four or five more steps, but seldom seems less than three.  It’s the way it is I suppose.  Every time you start out to do one thing, you have to fix or prepare other things before you can do the one thing.  Continue reading One Giant Step Forward

Still kicking – just not as high

Frankly I’m kinda dragging ass right now.  There’s a buttload of work to be done between my sis’s place and mine and the new place I plan on going to soon.  I think winter’s officially here since the humming bird feeder freezes 5 feet off the ground and the bird bath refuses to thaw out most days.  It was 28 degrees the other morning when I headed into Vegas to return Dan so he could go to work the following night. Continue reading Still kicking – just not as high