Hey Spooks and Spookettes

Ah-h-h-h-h-h!  It’s Halloween and it’s just not like it used to be.  The good old days would find kids running up and down the streets with bags full of candy and goodies banging against their legs – and some semblance of a costume or face paint to make it more Spook-a-listic! Home baked cookies and candy back then could be trusted to be exactly that…goodies, not something that might kill you or send you to hospital.  Continue reading Hey Spooks and Spookettes

$25K PokerNews Showdown

I won’t be there.  But you can be.  If the US government decides to carve their way to sunshine from the depths of the anal canal, I will be playing every promotion that runs across the PokerWorks network.  True story! Take a minute and get registered at Poker770 and get in the action – start by reading the article that explains it all:  $25K PokerNews Showdown!

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What’s Worse than bats in your belfry

Sugar ants in your kitchen!  From whence did they come and why? I killed as many as I could as they roamed around in a muddle – they didn’t have any specific place identified as a food supply yet. It’s amazing how fast they die when you hit them with spray Lysol.  Two days in a row they showed up at different times.  I greeted them as best I could and sprayed out the welcome mat. Continue reading What’s Worse than bats in your belfry

Online Poker is RUNNING now!

It’s seriously painful that US online poker players are still stuck in the mire of mud wrestling –  rules supplied by the DoJ. I still can’t grasp the fact that the ‘big 3’ went down on April 15th but there are others still running that serve US players – or as those sites would like it phrased ‘everyone in the world can play.’  Why isn’t someone suing the DoJ for unfair practices? If one is guilty, they are all guilty, right?  Did the DoJ spend all those months and millions of dollars just finding ways to trap the big 3?  It should have been a net that got everyone – or nothing at all.

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UPDATED – NO REALLY – From then to now

Yes, it’s been awhile; what’s new?  From my end of the street, everything is new.  I’m busy. I seldom ever have the energy to find my way here after a day at the tables salt mines and filtering through news and promotions that involve poker and searching for the latest news on how to overthrow the wicked government and FORCE them to acknowledge online poker as a viable means to fill the US coffers and let us have our freedom back. Continue reading UPDATED – NO REALLY – From then to now