Everyone’s trying to win

Ever notice how the player that sits down with an attitude is the one that makes the game? That player can take J-10 suited against your pocket kings head up and pound you so bad that you feel you’re in the sand lot in first grade. It’s “cool” because he KNEW what he was doing. If the roles were reversed, he would be having a fit – faunching and puddying as a friend of mine used to say. In 7-Card Stud that same player bickers and whines at the live one for staying in and catching his card. Wonderful isn’t it?

Where is it written that just because a player thinks they are the best in the world, (even though they don’t have a ‘certificate of wonderfulness’ or ‘winner’ taped on their forehead and they have an ego bigger than Hitler), they are supposed to win each time they decide to raise or play a hand?
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