The 2014 WSOP is almost here and summer’s on the way

It’s crazy isn’t it?  How time keeps slipping off into history and almost before you knew it was coming, it’s gone.  The 2014 WSOP is almost here and the insanity will hit Las Vegas again for another six weeks or so of intense poker action, bad beats, good draws, with millions of dollars in the air, waiting to be grabbed by those that get to take home a WSOP gold bracelet and those that make it past the bubble. Continue reading The 2014 WSOP is almost here and summer’s on the way


That’s how it feels.  I’ve managed to accomplish a lot but it still feels like the stack keeps getting bigger and the small bits and pieces hacked off the sides and edges never diminish it much.  Ah, yes…the rambler.  That’s me.  It’s hard to lead a topic in a certain direction when I don’t even know what the topic is…how could I possibly know the direction then. Continue reading Crawling

Grinding at life

It is a grind. I was thinking about the parallel to poker. If you play the game the way you’re supposed to play it, it isn’t any fun — or so the saying goes when you’re playing poker. I wonder… Life is pretty much a grind but if you play it the way you’re supposed to play it, you end up with a lot less bruises and dings in your body, character, and finances. Unfortunately for most of us, when it comes to life, we have to jump off the cliff and flirt with disaster as our parachute manages to shred on the edge of those damned pointy rocks on the way down. Continue reading Grinding at life

Lunch with a few of the besties

Friday was a trip into Vegas for a visit to the DMV, lunch with a few of my favorite people, and then off to Riot’s school to take him home with me for the weekend.  How could I forget to take my camera when we were going to meet for lunch – some of the old Pan Game crew. I didn’t take it though.  When the resident ‘take-your-photo-free’ person came around, Mark AKA Kram, jumped right on it.  It was fun, and funny, you would have had to be there to appreciate all of it. Continue reading Lunch with a few of the besties

Weekends past

I hesitate to write about some things due to the fact that my penning could be read by some parties that could affect the lives of the little people I know.  Nah…I never hesitate to write anything about some of the big people I know if I feel the need to put it down in my own little slice of personal history — Table Tango.  But when it comes to the little people, they are at the mercy of the ‘parentals’ and can’t escape. Continue reading Weekends past