Online poker continues, despite DOJ and flawed marketing

Before I begin this diatribe against online poker, let me first state that I believe we should all have the choice to play, live events or online, and I enjoy playing online poker – perhaps not as much as some do, but still, I enjoy being able to just plunk down, click on a poker site, and get in a game.  I miss it!  It should be regulated, licensed, and taxed, especially in the United States since my understanding is that 50 Million Americans play online poker.  If you look at Zynga Poker, you’ll know that a huge number of those players come from the US and it Zynga be the next big harvesting ground for a new breed of player that overtakes the poker world. After all, Zynga’s stats a few months ago stated that over 37 million people a month played at Zynga Poker and you can play Zynga at Facebook; Android; iPhone; Myspace; Yahoo; and Tagged. Continue reading Online poker continues, despite DOJ and flawed marketing

So…I lived through the visit to the dentist

Let me tell ya though, there’s some major misery there.  I ended up with 8 temporary crowns.  Nothing at the dentist office – that they put in your mouth anyway – tastes good.  It goes from horrible to totally fucking wretched in a heartbeat.  How about that string that they stuff up under your gum to shrink the gum for the molds and the temps?  Woooo-wie!  That be some bad tasting shit I can tell you.  And it all sticks to the back of your tongue and you can’t get it to leave.  Continue reading So…I lived through the visit to the dentist

The ghost of blogs past

It’s so dark in here I can barely find my way along the dusty path.  It has been forever since I visited and penned.  I have very little poker news now, other than what I write about for PokerWorks.  I wish I did have news, like really great news about online poker racing back into being and Full Tilt and Absolute and UB paying all of their cash out requests, but I don’t.  Rather than dwell on all of that, let me just move on. Continue reading The ghost of blogs past

AARP and The PPA

Do you think they have ever considered a relationship?  Don’t you think they should since a lot of us stay at home, wanna play at home online poker players are seniors?  I got my AARP Bulletin a few days ago and as I was leafing through the pages to find something on enhancing your hearing and how loss of hearing can affect dementia (yikes) I saw another page that suggested we go to the AARP Deficit page and list how we felt we could help cut down the US’s gigantisod deficit.  I did go.  While I was there I got the demented light bulb idea, why isn’t AARP, with all of the zillions of boomers, out there screaming for the right to play, tax, regulate, and license online poker? Continue reading AARP and The PPA