Another Sunday

– another shot at PokerStars $100K guaranteed $11 buy-in tourney. I’m registered. So is Glenda. We have a pact to make the final table today. Right this minute nanosecond there are 17,519 registered and the head count is shooting up like fireworks on the 4th of July – there are always around 20,000K or higher in this event. It’s a crap shoot for sure, but someone has to win it, right? Right! I’ll keep trying, every Sunday that I don’t have something more pressing going on, I’ll be there. After all, what better way to hit my goal on Chasing Chris? The goal aside, I could use the cash, damn it! Continue reading Another Sunday

back tracking

There’s always a buffet of life stacked out in front of me as far as the eye can see. I can’t possibly handle all of it in a lifetime and it feels as if I’m in continual glut mode just trying to taste part of it as time goes speeding by. Then as life happens, the buffet has new additions Continue reading back tracking

Welcome to the torture chamber

Yesterday was bracket removal day. I was so damn glad to get that metal removed from three of my front teeth. One of the anchor teeth had drifted out a bit and my dentist was going to replace the crown on it for free, he did. BTW I go to Dr. Rose if any of you are looking for a great dentist, he is. But he also has a torture chamber hidden in the inner recesses of his office. That’s where I was taken when I innocently walked in yesterday. Continue reading Welcome to the torture chamber

It’s early a.m.

for me anyway. My schedule is bizarre and I have a very difficult time dealing with life when I don’t log around 7 to 8 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. Today will be one of those sleep deprived, weirdtard days of delirium. I’m on my way out to Pahrump in about two hours to do a walk through of the house and property that Vickie and I are waiting to claim as our own. Of course it takes forever to settle a real estate deal and this one is right there…forever. It’s still not closed but it’s time for the final walk through. Darian and Riot are going to make the trip with me, at least I will be entertained and have company as I make the hour drive out and back. Continue reading It’s early a.m.

Poker Bloggers

I can’t help but wonder if the glorious days of insane poker bloggers converging on Vegas is becoming a thing of the past. It certainly doesn’t feel the same as it did a year ago but then a year ago didn’t feel quite the same either. The winter gatherings bring in most of the horde and I’m hoping this December will see the same or better enthusiastic flood of my favorite poker lunatics showing up in Sin City. Continue reading Poker Bloggers

The WPT in trouble?

I can’t help but wonder what the fate of the WPT will be. This article points to a not so bright future. On May 26, 2002, I was present at the Media announcement of the WPT – World Poker Tour. I was even told that I might be the dealer to deal the hand that showed the hole card cams…but my breasts weren’t big enough – no shit? – and I didn’t. Someone that had never held a deck before was given the honors…her breasts were big enough. Nah…I don’t want them and it’s never been an issue with me. If my tits had to represent/proceed me in my lifespan I’d go have surgery, just like almost every other woman in Vegas has done. Continue reading The WPT in trouble?