October 20, 2000

Christoph Haller is in town from Europe. I have been dragging him out into the desert for hikes in the early a.m. and he gave me this little tale that I so much enjoyed, thought I’d share it with everyone.

Christoph is in the 1 seat. Game is Omaha 8 or better, $300-600 limit, bet and max raises pre-flop, board comes something like J-8-little…one player keeps raising and asking for the 10 of spades. On the turn the bet is maxed out and the same request for the 10 of spades.

The 10 of spades fall on the river and Layne Flack – 5 seat, sails all four of his cards – straight through the air – past Christoph’s head – and they curve right into the garbage can in the corner.

The action comes around, bet and raised, Christoph calls, the player that asked for the 10 of spades throws his hand into the muck, the other player keeps looking at his hand after my Christoph shows down a winner.

Layne jumps up to reclaim his cards from the garbage can because he realized the 10 of spades made him a straight…even though he said he didn’t muck it, just threw it in the garbage…it was a dead hand and didn’t get any part of the pot.

Christoph is still in awe of how all four cards sailed five meters through the air and all went into the garbage can, completely clearing the rim…I’m not sure winning the pot even impressed him!!

October 4, 2000

I participated in a hand that had 10 players, maximum raises pre-flop, (pot started with $200.00), in a $4-8 holdem game. The field was seven handed on the flop for a raise, five handed on the Turn and four players on the River.

The Flop was Q-3 of Diamonds, Jack of Clubs. Turn was not worth remembering and the River was another Jack

Three hands showed down on the River – pocket K’s, K-Q suited, and J-10 Diamonds. I wish I’d of had that damn J-10 of Diamonds. That pot would’ve sent me home singing.

What was I in there with??? Nope, I didn’t have any of the hands that showed. I’ll leave you with the thought that I definitely had the chance to win or I wouldn’t have been there.

The game was great…so great that the last hand I tried to make a stand with was pockets 10’s. Raised it pre-flop and got called by A-6 off-suit. The flop was 9-8-6, Rainbow. The A-6 fired at it, I raised. The Turn was checked, I bet. Sadness here…big Alligators Tears…a lonely disgusting Ace popped off on the River and I gave up my seat.