The Patterson Boys

I tried to look back through this craziness of blogging that I’ve done for such a long time now in search of the first reference to meeting Greg and the time we first started turning the pan game into a poker dealing school, but alas, I can’t find it.  I’m sure it was around 2005 simply because there are Pan Game Plays Vegas posts as early as February 2006, one of them is about playing at the MGM, which is where Chad works and he was working there when we all gathered there to play…he opened the MGM Poker Room. Continue reading The Patterson Boys

HORSE fans

Let’s play the PokerWorks donkfest tomorrow night – the 25th – at 22:30ET on Full Tilt Poker.  Buy-in – $5+.50.  Password – donkeys.  Fun – mandatory.  Winning – tough to do, these guys are too frigging lucky for words!  *tee hee*  Tournament ID – 149007118.  You may be a pro at mixed games or you might be thinking it’s time you put the tip of your toe into the waters and got ready for the ride or you might just want to goof off and have fun drawing out on other donkeys – if all of those choices have hit your thoughts, you’d better be there.  If you’ve never thought of any of those choices, (for reals?  are you a bot?) then you’d better be there to see what it’s all about.

An Invite to the BBT5 Dance

I received an email from AlCantHang – courtesy of Full Tilt Poker, I was invited to play in the BBT5 Invitational Event.  I jumped at the chance.  Of course I play so good that it was a given that I would win the first event so poorly (or rather my choice of hands is always a wrong-time-right-place type of thing) that the invite was given to me for being part of the Poker Handicapped and a certain number of us had to be included…I accept. Continue reading An Invite to the BBT5 Dance

Parting is…

sometimes sorrowful, sometimes not, sometimes in-between.  The tooth pulling party was an event.  Because of the way my appointments were set, 1st I had a cleaning and x-ray appt. set up.  Then I fell and cranked the wrist into outer space…cancel the cleaning appt.  Set up another one with my favorite hygienist and in the interim start thinking about the wisdom tooth that is gradually becoming grouchier.  Call the dentist and see if I can get in on the same day/time for the extraction since it’s a 3 hour round trip to go Vegas.  Cleaning at noon, extraction at 2p.m.

Continue reading Parting is…

Air-internet – Kinda Frustrating

The PokerWorks Family tourney was last night.  There were three of us left – close in chip counts – and I lost my internet connection.  I play on the desktop and since all the upgrading to Windows7 and misery and time lost that went with it, I had decided not to download any poker software to my working computer.  It took a minute for me to realize I had no connection.  Continue reading Air-internet – Kinda Frustrating