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Bellagio’s Conservatory transitions for Christmas

I called Wayne on Wednesday to see if he was willing to trek around Project City Center with me on Thursday. The foolish child accepted. It’s always wonderful to have a good friend to spend an afternoon with – especially when you’re going to spend it walking up and down the Strip and going into parking garages to access the best spots to take pictures from. And then to make it even better, lunch was on the agenda after the trek. Yes, a Project City Center update is coming. But first the Bellagio Conservatory teaser…it’s under construction – but what the hell isn’t in Vegas? The whole damn town does a major change-over every six months or so. Continue reading Bellagio’s Conservatory transitions for Christmas

Bellagio’s Gardens

Anyone thatvisits Bellagio, and goes anywhere other than the casino floor, sport’s book, or poker room, knows the gardens are a sight to behold. A few months ago there were trains running through all different terrains and climates, using the Banyan tree in the theme. Now fall has arrived and with it the scent of cinnamon spice is in the air. That’s one of the most sense delighting facts about stepping into the gardens, the fresh change in the air and a climate change, usually a little more moist, removing onefrom the dry desert atmosphere, and now it smells like cinnamon spice too. Continue reading Bellagio’s Gardens