Everything is changing

the whole PokerWorks’ look and informational access is taking on a completely new, and hopefully easier to navigate design.  And it’s obviously going to cause some confusion – there will be approximately 20K broken links – yah, they are being worked on now – nah, not by me.  That means blog links and other things may not show as they should for a bit.  And that means the address for Table Tango is going to change also, there should be a reloading page that will bring you here if you are following the old link – for awhile – but don’t forget to update when it happens. Continue reading Everything is changing

One of those days

where I start with good intentions and then somehow become a frayed knot as time goes on.  I’m not stressed, it’s just that the neatly tied knot starts to shake loose and the edges begin to fray and run in all directions.  I can’t seem to pull it back together again.  Yes, I need help!  But I quit drinking well over a year ago. Continue reading One of those days

PokerWorks HORSE and goodby Chris

PokerWorks HORSE Tourney begins tomorrow, Sunday the 16th at 21:00 Eastern Time.  Seriously – be there!  I managed to take 2nd place last week and I’ve put almost all of my gigantic Chasing Chris Ferguson bankroll into the buy in.  If a lot of you show – and lose – and I can place, it will boost my teensy bankroll.  To which I would say, YIPPEEE!  Otherwise I’m back to freeroll city.  Just go to PokerStars, right now will work, click on ‘tourney’ – ‘private’ – scroll to 2100 hours, look for PokerWorks Family – shell out $5.50 and get ready to chat and play.  See you there! Continue reading PokerWorks HORSE and goodby Chris

Law Breaker

Damn it!  I broke the law again tonight.  I just couldn’t contain myself and jumped right into a poker game on PokerStars.  Kee-rist!  What’s the world coming to?  I’ve broken the law almost every day for years now.  You won’t find me out speeding, or selling drugs to kids, or looking for kiddie pornography, or robbing a bank or stealing or planning physical harm to anyone…but you will find me playing poker on the internet.  It’s a given! Continue reading Law Breaker

Government Bullshit Strikes Again

Just think, I played poker tonight on Full Tilt Poker, a charity tournament “Bad Beat on Kidney Failure” to help someone that is in need and in a lot of pain.  But it’s a criminal act because the government doesn’t want us to play poker online.  And what did they really accomplish with all the noise, expense, and idiocy of the UIGEA?  I’m still playing, aren’t you? Continue reading Government Bullshit Strikes Again

Get in the Game

This is about poker and LIFE!  Life as we go through our daily schedules and routines and manage as we fade sickness, poor health, and trying to survive feeling like shit, and trying to find a way to pay our bills and even our rent.  There’s a charity tournament kicking off tomorrow at Full Tilt Poker.  Read about it. Then get your butt into a chair and play, play for the fun of playing poker, play because you have heart, and play to win.  But just remember that taking a seat in this cause means you are already a winner.