It’s goodbye – but not the end

I had this brain flash almost a year ago – turn PokerWorks into the blog capital of the world. The whole plan started well. We had some great bloggers in the mix, Michael Craig, Iggy, Change100, Amy Calistri, Speaker, Maudie, Grubby, my beginning crew: Tony G., CC, Prevo, and the original – MOI! I had thought to just keep adding bloggers to ‘the Works’ and growing ever bigger, building a community where we could all get together and fill cyber with our poker lore, gore, and life events. Continue reading It’s goodbye – but not the end

The Birthday Party that WASN’T

Ok, the Party was, the birthday wasn’t. How would one describe Suzie Lederer? If you’ve seen her flitting around the card room when she’s on shift, you haven’t even gotten close to the whole picture. If you’ve seen her at a party, you haven’t even gotten close to the whole picture. She’s a tapestry of life, soft hearted, warm to a point of coming across like fresh, hot bread coming out of the oven on a cold, winter morning in Montana, and champagne comes in second for bubbly and light when she’s got that mischievous little smirk on her face, business as usual when it’s time to work, crazy as hell when it’s time to party…and that’s only a few threads of the tapestry. Continue reading The Birthday Party that WASN’T


I’m on yahoo – msn – skype – lrgeenen better you log on and chat me, or you could always go to the forum on PokerWorks and post, open up a whole can of worms for us to rip apart and throw the small pieces to the fish. 🙂

A 1st

From the Iphone. No text formatting or choices availale for images but posting a short update appears to be easy. The image manager is stilllll out to lunch.

A change of plan

I started the giant task of getting ready to upload pictures to the image manager for the Fake Birthday Party – the party wasn’t a fake, the birthday was. Bad Beat? Or just another delay in the fabric of time? The programmers moved PokerWorks to a new server today, as they did, the blogs were in and out of commission, all appear to be working now. When my main blog page was accessed, it was a bunch of giant text. That was fixed. I believe the programmers are all tucked in for the night as they are nine hours ahead of me. When I tried to access the image manager, I got an error, apparently no pictures until tomorrow so the birthday party post is post-poned. Continue reading A change of plan

Catching up

The glasses ordeal, it’s not just the glasses, it’s an out of sync time warp and it’s kind of making me crazy. I went to the ‘eye guy’ (Dr.’s office) to pick up my prescription so I could order new glasses. YIKES! The prescription is good for one year in NV. It expired six days ago. KEE-RIST! Make an appointment for another exam? Sure…what are my choices here? Continue reading Catching up