The day after

two back-to-back Vegas trips.  I’m running on empty.  I have been beefing up on the exercise – still determined to lose the popping fresh dough wad that rose on my tummy and can’t seem to be kneaded down – and not much sleep the last few days has sent a spiral of  ‘you crazy bitch, what are you trying to do to me?’ from my body.  I got about 5 hours of sleep last night, crawled out to some website work, emails, and IM chats, had my half cup of coffee with PBJ on winter wheat (Orowheat makes it), and got ready for my walk with Amy.  It’s overcast, and there was a slight breeze when we started.  We made almost 3 miles and the last half of it was spent with the wind picking up speed and working on sending us to Kansas.  Love the desert!

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Back Down the Road to Sin City

Got home late last evening from the tax execution (really…it turned out much better than I thought) and found an email from the G that he would be at the High Roller invitation only PokerStars NAPT event at the Venetian tonight.   MOI is on the way shortly.  Tony G has been skiing at Brian Head and is returning to the poker table wars tonight.  Expect a blog post from him soon. Continue reading Back Down the Road to Sin City

DT Day is tomorrow

Damn Tax Day if you’re wondering.  My eyes have scanned a zillion crumpled receipts, paypal pages, checking account sheets and cried through every second of it.   My brain – and body – beg to sprawl out on the bed.  The wind came up about two hours ago and the coach is rocking, it’s chilly, my sense of humor left about two days ago when I started recording all of the numbers that I should have done periodically throughout the year.  I’ll be on my way to Vegas in no time, sis is going with me as we like to sit through each other’s misery at the accountant’s office.  And we go in together so we can create a festive air of being broke and having to pay, pay, pay.  We’re sick bitches!

One word of caution, if you are cruising the wine section of your favorite store and happen upon a bottle of Chocovine – don’t buy it.  Don’t try it!  It’s so incredibly yummy that you’ll want to down the whole bottle.  I drank most of one today…best not to have any in the coach from now on.  Perhaps it’s just because I’m a binge-o-maniac on some things, but if you are too, best leave it on the shelf and walk on by.


It’s sunny here in the desert

My video card in the desktop finally decided it was time to die…it did it in spurts, working and then not working, giving me a windows pop-up that there was a hardware problem but not enough info to know what device was causing the problem, of course I was reading the pop-up so I wasn’t sure it was the video card.  Two days later, I was positive.  New video card, all’s well.  Damn good thing since that’s the pc I torture myself with poker on.  Continue reading It’s sunny here in the desert

Time to Donkey around the HORSE Tournament

It’s PokerWorks Family Donkey time – on Valentine’s day, the perfect donkey day – let’s play for $5.00 + $.50  and more BS than you can stand, at 22:30 ET on PokerStars since MOI has never had the time or energy to think of finding out what the hell Full Tilt Poker has on offer.  Don’t forget the password – donkeys.  Don’t forget the tournament ID 242149175 – although the easiest way to find it is to go to ‘tourneys’ – ‘private’ and scroll down to 22:30.

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And the rains came down

Too funny sometimes how plans are made and then dumped because of weather.  Such is the case for me today…as the old expression goes ‘Raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock.’  If you’ve never heard it before, don’t fret, I’m sure there are lots of sayings we all haven’t heard and are probably the better for it.  It was a steady downpour all day.  There are pools of water standing on the property.  The Riotmeister and I made it an indoor kind of day.  He goes home tomorrow. Continue reading And the rains came down

Lots of Things

Sooner or later…I always come back.  It’s been awhile.  MOI’s been a very, very busy girl.  Mz. DigDug has been digging up the earth for the last 5 trees to be planted on the back of the property by the fence line, the new holes are dug, the trees have yet to be dug – I’m counting on my son to be out this afternoon and that’s where we’re heading. Continue reading Lots of Things