Planet of the Donkeys

I had thought to just throw out the title of this post and let it ferment for a bit before going back to it. It does load a plethora of pictures in my head, some are best left alone, and others can be explored when I’m not sitting at the keyboard. Donkeyville floods the whole planet, in all walks of life, yet ‘donkey’ appears to be a term that flows easily through the poker world. Continue reading Planet of the Donkeys

Yesterday’s Post

I feel the need to explain my last post. I do not hate dealing. If I had to go out tomorrow and look for another job and I was skilled in several (I used to be a cocktail waitress, also a bartender, also a legal secretary, also managed a deli, also worked for a phone company years ago, and a Sears store, I help people with computers too), and of all the occupations I can think of that I would like to tackle, dealing is my first choice. I don’t hate the job, never have, but I’ve seriously disliked some of the personalities that gather around it. *Wratha – that should answer your question* Continue reading Yesterday’s Post