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Interrupting the Dream run

The dreams are still running but distorted lately, I’m not in the stress mode of trying to get to work or deal a game, although Jennifer Harman, my ex-husband poker player, and a few others are popping into the dreams, they’ve taken on a different texture lately.  But in the meantime, the dreams of thousands of others are kicking off tomorrow in Las Vegas as the WSOP brings the pros, wannabes, newbs, and everything in between into Sin City.

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Made the Rio as planned

Wow!  Finally, the Rio was my first stop when I hit Vegas on Friday.  I looked for some of my favorite media people but saw not one…I did see media but no one I knew. Seth Palansky was in the media room and I almost gasped out loud when I saw how much weight he’d lost.  I’m crossing my fingers it was planned and not a health issue – it doesn’t look healthy IMHO.

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