Where is Obama?

One thing that continually jumps into my thoughts as of late is where is our President?  Why isn’t he at least addressing the public on the issue of online poker?  He may have a million things on his plate but poker should be there too since he – by now – has to know there are many angry Americans that have been deprived of their freedom, income, ability to work the job they choose.  For Obama to continue to ignore the issue speaks badly of the whole administration in my view.  Continue reading Where is Obama?

Yippeeeee on cash outs!

It was sad news to me when I clicked on the Cashier at PokerStars and was told I had to cash out –  the pop-up header reads Forced Cashout “Please note: Due to government regulations you have to cashout all the funds in your account”  All I can say is thank you, you fucking feds!  Thanks for ruining a great part of my daily routine – whether it’s anger or exultation, it was my little piece of doing what I want and you took it away to protect my morality.  I hope you spend the rest of your days eating shit and barking at the moon. Continue reading Yippeeeee on cash outs!

Why do dogs eat their puke?

No kidding!  Ur-r-r-r-p! Quick, slurp it up before she boots me out the door or gets it cleaned up.  Just a question that may or may not have an answer but I didn’t want to search it out on the internet and end up going to ask.com.  I really hate ask.com.  Ask a question, get a page full of links to other places…gee…just what I was hoping for, the direct answer. If you feel you have the answer right off the top of your head, leave a comment please. Continue reading Why do dogs eat their puke?

Eat Chocolate Bunnies

Color eggs, hide them and forget where you hid them until you step on them a year or so later.  Celebrate the day, for whatever reason, and definitely do the chocolate thingey.  I’ll be back with a real world post later, after the spirit of colored eggs and chocolate bunnies have drifted out of the time line.

Rally Time

Of course all of the online poker players in the US are still in shell shock over the fact that our NANNY government keepers are watching out for us by putting a massive headlock on our right to play online poker.  Thank you, Big Brother, I could never manage my own life or finances without you up my ass with a flashlight searching through the remains of last night’s meal to see what I’ve been doing and set up steel bars to protect me from doing it again. Continue reading Rally Time

PokerNews Big Game Interactive

This weekend could prove to be one of the most hysterically funny, entertaining, financially rewarding, brain bending times you’ve ever had – you can do it without leaving your computer.  As a matter of fact, it hinges around your computer because it’s PokerNews interactive live streaming of Party Poker’s Big Game V.  You get to be part of it when you visit PokerNews.com Continue reading PokerNews Big Game Interactive

The last few days

As all of you that follow my blog know, I’ve posted about a tournament held on Full Tilt Poker to help Dennis Klenczar who is battling cancer and unfortunately isn’t on top right now.  A large number of pros turned out for the tournament, although some sat out, it still had a nice feeling to it since many of them that showed have known Dennis from the early days of the Mirage when a lot of them were just regular poker players and didn’t show up in ‘red’ on a tournament lobby screen.  There were 121 entrants total. Continue reading The last few days

Dennis Klenczar Tournament

This tournament is a little over 6 hours from kicking off.  Come on, get registered, help out a friend in need.  There are seven  Full Tilt Pros registered right now: Kristy Gazes, Mhai Manole, Monte Kouz, R Romanello, Scott Fischman, Shawn Buchanan, and Steve Zolotow.  Me and my boy Dan are registered.  Here are the particulars from an article on PokerWorks: Continue reading Dennis Klenczar Tournament

My friend needs your help and prayers!

I wrote an article for PokerWorks’ main page last night about Dennis Klenczar.  I’ve ran the post URL through my Facebook page and PokerWorks Twitter @pokerworks, and I’m posting here now in hopes that any of you that have ever had a friend or family member stricken with cancer would take the time to say a prayer and also play a poker tournament to help his cause. Find all the information here. Continue reading My friend needs your help and prayers!