Damn government!

I must not be the only one that ever wonders WTF the feds were really accomplishing when they shut down online poker to the masses. And I must not be the only one that feels I possibly could have started to glean a nice little weekly stack from grinding online. And it’s possible I would score in tournaments too. I feel I got cheated in more ways than one by the U.S. government over the years and online poker is, once again, at the top of the “Linda-got-cheated” stack. Continue reading Damn government!

Hearts and flowers

Another Valentine’s Day is about to close the chapter on making your BF/GF or mate or mom or dad or kid or someone out there feel special. How did it go? I’ve been single for so long I can’t help but wonder what the fuss is all about. If you love someone, want to be with them, want to make them happy, then it should be a project for 365 days of the year. Continue reading Hearts and flowers

Color me skeptical and jaded

Perhaps I’ve reached the golden age of trust-no-one or it was always there. I can’t help but look for ulterior motives every time someone does a seemingly good deed, especially someone’s that are famous. And even if they don’t do a good deed, I find myself looking under the rug for the cause of their actions. I’ve had this flipping around for quite some time and a recent event brought it all back – my focus is on Daniel Negreanu. Continue reading Color me skeptical and jaded

The attack of the Phlegm Bots

HELP!  I’m under siege, there’s so much mucous in my lungs I feel like I’m drowning and can’t cough it up fast enough.  There’s a wheezy rattle going on when I breathe completely out and a wheezing rattle when I suck air…until I cough for a minute or so and dislodge some of it.  Graphically disgusting! Right? Phelgm Bots are disgusting. Continue reading The attack of the Phlegm Bots