Home ground

Kinda funny. Living in an RV is one of those surreal circumstances were you just hitch up, move out, and wake up to your digs the same as they were when you were miles away. That’s what happened yesterday. In my last post I said I’d be in Vegas until I left for the trip north…what a fibber. I woke up in Pahrump today…no…not in one of the houses. Continue reading Home ground

Scary Kids Scaring Kids????

I thought I’d make it back yesterday with a lengthy post of the noise of life and all the things that are speeding straight into my forehead like there’s a target painted on it. I wasn’t. I’m not even going to get to it now. Tonight is Kayanna’s last night in Las Vegas this trip and we had an invite to go to the House of Blues and watch a few bands do their stuff. We took it. It was a bit of fun, a bit of insanity, a bit of a look at entertainment as I know it not.

Continue reading Scary Kids Scaring Kids????

The edge of the world…

it would seem that I have fallen off the edge of the world never to be heard from again, yet at this stage of the game I’m wondering if it’s the edge of insanity. Oh wait! I was already insane. Please God, don’t tell me I’m becoming sane, that would be one of the scariest things that could happen. I’ll be back this p.m. with a full fledged update of seeking insanity to the nth…after I visit the dentist today. And a dream nightmare about dealing poker.

I have got to get out of town

A few days ago, as I sat at my work area in the coach, I heard the dreaded screech of tires that sounds like someone is braking for dear life. It went on and on and on…by now I had steeled my nerves for the sound of a crash, when the screeching appeared to go on forever, I was convinced that a vehicle was going to slam through the block wall that separates my RV park from Boulder Highway and then crash into my coach. Just as it stopped, I saw a car go around the horseshoe turn of my street and head back the other way – doing close to 50. No shit! I have no idea how he didn’t slide right into the other RVs at the end of the street. Immediately after he disappeared, a cop car came careening after him. Continue reading I have got to get out of town