Playing catch up

Hack…cough…sniff…spit…it’s sure dusty in here.  ‘Why don’t I get here more often’ rumbles through my thoughts.  My usually mouthy self has no answer.  I’m stuck somewhere most of the time and it’s going to take a lot to move in the direction I should be going in.  For example, I had a plan all day today to get up and groove to the tunes with the kettlebell workout.  Alas!  It’s now almost 10 p.m., I still have work to do and I have to be up bright and early tomorrow for a trip into Sin City.  Umnhnnn…it will be the second trip this week. Continue reading Playing catch up

Things that make me go “Umnhhhh…”

“We are writing to inform you of a recent incident at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield that we have become aware of.”  UGH! Based upon their analysis, someone, somewhere (like a NUMBER of individuals) were able to change the website address and gain access to the section that contained MY personal information (yah, not just me but others in that section), that means my social security number, name, and CC info could have been accessed…well ain’t that just some kinda damned wonderful? Continue reading Things that make me go “Umnhhhh…”

In and Out

of the loop of life.  I feel like I’ve stepped out of the ‘other’ world that I used to live in and now am completely separated from all things that used to be written in stone.  The stone has worn down with life and the etchings have faded.  I no longer have a chisel and hammer attached to my lifestyle, the stone tumbles through time and the messages appear to lose all importance or meaning.  Continue reading In and Out

Back in the big city of Pahrump

The capital of most of the life that I now know, Pahrump, was a welcome sight when I hit the ’14 miles to Pahrump’ sign after swinging down off of the hump.  An accident/single car rollover up ahead sent a patrol car speeding past me on the freeway.  I went on by without scoping out the scene, an ambulance was already there, makes me feel a bit weird, and definitely hopeful that the person/s made it OK. Continue reading Back in the big city of Pahrump