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The Biggest Game – a screenplay

That’s the title of my one and only screen play. I wrote this baby with the intention of it being a pilot for a weekly show on HBO. Certainly it’s about poker. Since it’s a full length screen play, I’ll post it in a bunch of different posts. It’s formatted in Final Draft which means it doesn’t appear as it should in WordPress, you just have to manage. All I need is a few serious writers to help me iron out the wrinkles. I already know the #1 flaw with it, I just haven’t sat down to figure out how to correct it. Continue reading The Biggest Game – a screenplay

Escape to Reality!

This is a ‘short’ I wrote back some years ago when I took a screen writing class at UNLV. It would have been a great class except our instuctor forgot to show up for one class and was late for several more. Apparently the fact that we paid $$ to be there and rearranged our schedules didn’t mean jack shit to him. He was BUSY! I even sent him an email complaining about his attitude and nonappearance but of course he didn’t respond. But back to the ‘short’, I never said I was a writer, I never claimed to be an editor, so if you want to read, please do, and if you have any comments, please leave them. And it’s copied and pasted from a FinalDraft format so forgive the additional spacing, etc.

Continue reading Escape to Reality!