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Road Kill

This really isn’t about road kill, but…it’s freaking amazing how many animals die at the hands of motorists. I know there’s no answer or cure, unless there was a way to train animals to be traffic aware. If a monkey can enter the WSOP, is it possible to teach these animals to play poker and avoid traffic? Years ago I had a deer dart out of the underbrush and run headfirst into the side of my car, almost knocking itself out. So even if you see them, and know they are there, they still are impossible to keep from hitting at times. It’s kind of freaky though, deer – too many to even try to count, racoons, skunks, rabbits, coyotes, and everything and anything that one can think of is splattered all over the roads, red splotches adorn the pavement marking the end of the their last journey. Continue reading Road Kill

Thirty six years

have come and gone since I tended bar at the Edgewater in Sandpoint. Kee-rist! Where did the years go? Truthfully, most of it was spent in pokerland but that aside, I have a lot of memories of this town and the people I knew when I lived here. At one point I worked for the Sears Catalogue Store as a service clerk. Sears didn’t want to pay anyone benefits so I was hired for five days a week at six hours a day. Several things happened while I worked at Sears that were quite memorable. Continue reading Thirty six years

Poker – We played a ‘fun money’ game

My brother Ken really wanted to play poker. I had him and his wife, Vicki, in the coach a few nights agoto check outmy new digs. And I forced them to sit for a few moments and watch me deal the 2005 Aruba event on DVD. He couldn’t believe that anyone would fold their first two cards without seeing the Flop. I semi/sort of tried to explain that the blinds were $8,000-16,000 (or something like that) and that you needed to either make a move on the pot, or fold to conserve your chips for when you made a big hand…blah, blah, blah. He still exclaimed over the fact and didn’t really listen to what I was saying. Continue reading Poker – We played a ‘fun money’ game

What a difference a day makes!

And don’t I know it. I know that everything changes, the question is will I run out of time on Earth or out of chips to maximize the big hand before the changes start sliding into effect? The latter part of the question has been on my mind at least a million times when I buckled down for the long haul in a poker game where chips were literally raining onto the green felt. Backtrack to the end of yesterday’s drama and ‘perils of little Linda’ for the first part of the question.

Continue reading What a difference a day makes!

Stop the world and let me off

It’s come down to drinking. I don’t know what else I can accomplish in the world of high finances – mine – from the Panhandle. I’m screwed, blued, and tattooed, and I ain’t even been hanging out in public. Things have gotten worse on the banking scene. The charge from Fry’s Electronics hit my account yesterday. Maria had told me that it would NOT take the money out of my savings account to make up for the difference still owed on the checking draft. It did! It took all my funds. I don’t even know what I bought. I doubt that I would ever like it, since it’s caused me so much stress. I hope the person that has it chokes on it. Continue reading Stop the world and let me off

Scams, thieves, and people that deserve hot coals up their butt

Here I am, coasting along in the Panhandle, lazing thru the days, finally sleeping the sleep a person should have, waking up early and going to bed when darkness fills the land, and thinking how great it would be to never have to think about another time clock at any establishment in the world. BOOM! The world jumps right into the middle of my face and slams me back onto the pavement. Wake up, Linda! Continue reading Scams, thieves, and people that deserve hot coals up their butt

The Forest and the trees

This is but a few sentences, a note to let myself know that I’m finally connected to the internet in the deep woods in Idaho. It’s not due to motostat though, the damn signal can’t be found through all the pine boughs and trees surrounding my brother’s place. I ended up haunting the 24 hour Wal-mart super center to buy a wireless router for my bro’s computer – helluva long trip to the store and back – and I’m now “ON”. I’ll be back, at this very same spot, in about six to seven hours and continue with this post. Continue reading The Forest and the trees

A shorty. 06 road trip.

I hit the road on Thursday morning, not nearly as early as I would have liked but I had a few loose ends to tie up before pulling out of town. My great nephew, Eric, (Kee-rist! That makes me sound so damn old) was traveling with me to Missoula. Eric had spent the summer in Vegas working with mybaby boyDarian, and was ready to go back to school and escape the summer heat. Everything went off without a hitch (pun intended). We were on the road by 9:15 a.m. Continue reading A shorty. 06 road trip.