The Biggest Game – a screenplay

That’s the title of my one and only screen play. I wrote this baby with the intention of it being a pilot for a weekly show on HBO. Certainly it’s about poker. Since it’s a full length screen play, I’ll post it in a bunch of different posts. It’s formatted in Final Draft which means it doesn’t appear as it should in WordPress, you just have to manage. All I need is a few serious writers to help me iron out the wrinkles. I already know the #1 flaw with it, I just haven’t sat down to figure out how to correct it. Continue reading The Biggest Game – a screenplay

“Crime does pay!”

“If it didn’t, there wouldn’t be criminals.” That was profoundly stated to me by a Juvenile Probation Officer, years ago, as I sat in front of him with one of my sons. Over the years it’s jumped into my thoughts in completely ridiculous brain rants that are related to nothing. At this point, it is completely related to every thing that has been going on in poker forums and newsgroups and mainstream articles about cheating and the internet. Continue reading “Crime does pay!”