Fun Things!

Hey kids, PokerWorks has a newsletter available that brings you – obviously the damn news – but the latest articles that have gone up on the site, each day.  You get the newsletter, you see an article you want to check out, click on it and BOOM!  You are directed right to it.  Sign up for the newsletter on the bottom right of the PokerWorks main page.  I subscribed to it and today I got my first newsletter.  Yippee!  Continue reading Fun Things!

Let’s Talk Walmart

I’m often amazed at how many people Walmart employs and – let’s have a special cheer for them for providing jobs to so many – I appreciate the fact that they hire everyone, from the kid with three lip piercings and 12 eyebrow ring/spikes/plugs, to the old crusty fart that stares at you as you walk out with your purchases.  It is a great way to keep a lot of us employed.  I hope I never end up there, but one never knows the full extent of what will happen with life.  And I would work before I sat back and waited for someone to feed me or care for me…since I can’t win at poker, Walmart is an option.  That out of the way, let’s talk Walmart. Continue reading Let’s Talk Walmart

Dear Amy,

If you’re reading this, please get out your notebook and start figuring out where I went wrong as a child, or somewhere in between then and now.  First, the fact that I continue to return to the green felt to punish myself with sick beats means something is seriously wrong with me.  Do I think I am a better player than those I sit with?  Mostly all of them; which brings us back to the fact that there is something seriously wrong with me.  How can I be a better player than them when they know that 2-4 is going to beat a flopped set of Aces?  Continue reading Dear Amy,

The promises from the night before

it sounds like the escapades of an evening out with your lover, but in reality it’s what we do to ourselves as we close the chapter of the day’s book.  We are normally overwhelmed by everything we failed to accomplish and everything that still needs to be done, so as we prepare to throw it all out the window and ignore it for another night, we promise ourselves we will accomplish it tomorrow. Continue reading The promises from the night before

PokerWorks H.O.R.S.E. is

only 6 hours away.  It’s an open invite, everyone’s welcome.  All the details for getting there are here!  And here!  You can’t get lost and you’re guaranteed a warm welcome and some horsing around fun.  Come and join in!

The Day’s Done and So Am I

It is about 2:30 AM and I’m dragging.  I really have no idea why. I did go out today and move a little gravel and tiles around but that’s no reason to feel as exhausted as I do right now.  I also played some poker.  I even seriously thought about changing my clothes at one point and heading to the Silver Nugget in downtown (kinda) Pahrump to see if I could find a poker game, but I didn’t get there.  Thinking was as far as it went. Continue reading The Day’s Done and So Am I