The Drift

Our last PokerWorks Family HORSE tourney (for the summer) played out with six of us.  Clearspine was in the game but not…he was in sit-out mode and came back when we were down to three to explain that he’d been involved in a family discussion and missed the tourney.  He told us to enjoy his money and djhomeschool said he would – and he did since he won it! Continue reading The Drift

PokerWorks HORSE Tourney

Let’s play tomorrow night, the 27th, at 22:30ET.  This is it for me for the summer kids.  After the WSOP ends I will be heading to OR to spend a few days with my son Josh and his family.  Josh and I will drive to the family reunion scheduled towards the end of July and then back to spend a few more days at his place.  I won’t be scheduling any more of these for awhile and really would like to have everyone come and play.  It’s at Full Tilt Poker, tournament ID 162427198, the buy-in is $5 + $.50 – the password is the usual ‘donkeys’ and everyone is welcome to play.  See you there!

A visit to the Rio

I did make it to the Rio yesterday afternoon and went on a picture taking trek through the tables in the Amazon and Pavilion Rooms.  I got snap happy and managed to take around 400 pictures in a fairly short time.  Some of the players are very recognizable, yet many are poker faces from who knows where, hoping to become recognizable with some bling hanging from their wrist and a fat wallet to show for their time at the table. Continue reading A visit to the Rio

MIA from the Rio

Me, I’m the one that’s missing.  I’ve spent the last three days hidden away from the life of the city that never sleeps.  I’ve gone out the last two evenings to meet one of my boys and hang with him and friend for a bit, but other than a trip to Costco looking for a scrip refill on Monday, I’ve been nowhere.  It’s felt great.  I’ve finally settled into the digs of Gary & Marie and feel pretty comfortable, but with hosts like them it would be difficult to feel any other way.  They are a rare find as far as people and friends go.

Continue reading MIA from the Rio

Happy Fathers Day

To all of you men – you may not have had children but at some point in your life you’ll get tagged as a father figure or not and fill a role that could be described as fatherly and a lot of you sired children or the world wouldn’t be as populated as it is today – Happy Fathers Day to all of you.  To all of the women of the world that raised children alone without a man to help out, this is to wish you a Happy Fathers Day too. Continue reading Happy Fathers Day

Following up on the Ladies Event

I had my camera with me while I was playing but I was there to play and not take pictures.  After I busted, I went back to the Amazon Room, checked my computer for emails and news, and took a bit of time away from the action I had been involved in in the Pavilion Room.  I wasn’t disgruntled, just didn’t want to think about it for a bit.  Before I busted, I know a man went broke because of the roar of applause that shook the room.  When I went back to take pictures, I specifically looked for guys…I’m sure I missed a few, like the one that busted early, and possibly one or two more in the crowd of tables and faces, but here they are kids…the men that crashed the Ladies Event: Continue reading Following up on the Ladies Event

The WSOP Ladies Event – my thoughts

There’s obviously a whole lot of stink going on surrounding the WSOP Ladies Event.  But before I get into the bad smell part, let’s talk about the great part of it.  Linda Johnson started the whole thing off by telling the audience and entrants about her own beginning in poker and how this was an anniversary for her, I believe around 30 years, since she made the decision to become a full time poker player and she hoped that this tournament would be a turning point in some of the lives of the ladies gathered there to do battle for the gold.  She also spoke of the old days and how they played in a small room in the basement of the Horseshoe for two weeks, and other things that give one a vivid picture of her move through poker over the years – all of this with an emotionally filled voice, almost bordering on tears, and I believe every female in the room shared her emotion.  Continue reading The WSOP Ladies Event – my thoughts

Never Mind, Busted

I made it about an hour and a half into the Ladies Event, and accumulated a few chips, then as it always seems to happen, I look down at A-A in the small blind.  Blinds were 25-50.  Everyone folded to the button who raised it $100 more.  I raised it to $500 more (I think that was my raise but I could be mistaken by one chip).  The big blind called the $600.  The button folded.  The flop was 9-8-8 with two diamonds.  I bet $800.  Got called.  The turn was a 7, I bet 1300 and got called.  The river was a 5.

Continue reading Never Mind, Busted

Table 40, Seat 8

That’s where I will be today, in the Ladie’s Event, thanks to The G.  I hope to be updating here soon, and planned to do a lot more than I have so far at the WSOP but unfortunately, life gets in the way.  I had an unplanned trip to my favorite driller yesterday, the dentist.  The site of the extracted tooth decided to go ugly and grow a pulpy, red bump.  I was sure it was a bone fragment and it started about two weeks ago but…warm water rinses, etc., hoping for the home healing to force it out weren’t working.  So off I went.  Yuppers, that’s what it was, a bone fragment.  All gone now, no swelling, antibiotics, blah, blah, blah.

No sleep for this kid.  It doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing, I only settle into a good sleep about every 10 days.  I hate it.  I’m off to play the game today, with my PC set up in the media area, so I can keep up…sorta, kinda…with my work load.  Naw…I never get a vacation, but it beats the hell out of slinging tickets around the green felt.  I may be updating here from my iPhone…I may not, it all depends on my mood.  I do plan on just trying to relax, stay awake, and play my best game.  For the first time in a very long time, I’m actually excited about playing.  Wish me luck kids, and good sound reasoning, and the ability to pay attention to every detail.  Laters.

A few days away

I spent Saturday and Sunday at the Rio – an average of 7 hours each day – and on Monday my brain jump-started my direction to home.  I have been running on fumes and my battery ran out of juice a long time ago.  I couldn’t find any form of energy or drive that would allow me to stay in the city for another night…so about 4pm I was heading out through Red Rock Canyon towards home.  I stopped at Pahrump Walmart for a few items and then hit home.  My little place has the key to solving head trips and issues that plague me from time to time. Continue reading A few days away