Nevada Palace is going down

History repeats itself in Vegas, just bulldoze down one piece of history (or implode it) and build another one, and today is no different. Nevada Palace has seen its last day. It closes tomorrow night – the 29th – at 11 p.m. and if you ain’t there by early evening, you will miss it all…the smell of stale cigarettes/beer, the old slots, the remainder of the staff – the pit was closed down about two months ago according to the report Wayne and I got last night as we went in for one last meal in the coffee shop and to pick up a few chips. Continue reading Nevada Palace is going down

Purple Rain

I love Prince – his Royal Badness has one of the most amazing compilations of music that I’ve ever come across – him and Eric Clapton – and I like a lot of different music by a lot of different artists. But Prince and Eric are by far the most phenomenal in my book. Dan provided the opportunity for me to go see Purple Rain at the House of Blues. Darian, Dan, and I went to a table reserved for us, right off of the dance floor. Continue reading Purple Rain

The Blue Man Group

Claudia treated me to the show at the Venetian. I’ve heard comments – while dealing – about the show, most of them were that it was OK, very few ever said it was GREATish, a few said it was bad. I think you have to have a certain sense of humor or be seriously missing an important part of your brain to think it’s good. It was passably funny at times. We went on a Monday and the place really was almost sold out. They must have something going for them that I don’t know about. Continue reading The Blue Man Group

Hells Bells

when i was a kid – like eight or ninish – Hells Bells was the ultimate swearing expression. Not around mom though, she would have ‘boxed our ears’ or something that wasn’t pleasant…never piss off the Pope Mom!!! I learned how to swear after growing up, having children, marriages, etc. But I really learned how to swear after I got into the poker industry. Man-o-howdy-doo-dee! I can match potty mouth for potty mouth with anyone in the world. I can turn it totally off in certain situations, like grandkids, family, and social settings. Continue reading Hells Bells

Day #4 of great weather

It’s a wonderful afternoon in Vegas. A slight breeze, temperature around 70 degrees and supposed to be 71 tomorrow…woo hoo! The only set back is that my little buddy Riot has been quite sick. He’s improving. It’s hard to tell what kids get now-a-days. When my boys were little they were so home bound, other than school, that if they got something, everyone had it too as it went around the circuit. Now it seems there’s a new disease or cold or flu discovered every other day and kids are out and about so much now with their parents, you never know what they have. Continue reading Day #4 of great weather

a shortey

the weather here is gorgeous. I’ve had windows open on the coach the last two days. No wind, nice sun, perfect!!!! Wish it would stay that way forever. I’ve received pictures from one of my brothers in N. Idaho, showing the snow around his place. WOW! All I can say is, “I’M REALLY GLAD I’M THERE NOT THERE! Continue reading a shortey