Interrupting the Dream run

The dreams are still running but distorted lately, I’m not in the stress mode of trying to get to work or deal a game, although Jennifer Harman, my ex-husband poker player, and a few others are popping into the dreams, they’ve taken on a different texture lately.  But in the meantime, the dreams of thousands of others are kicking off tomorrow in Las Vegas as the WSOP brings the pros, wannabes, newbs, and everything in between into Sin City.

Having stepped back from poker (other than nightmares/dreams) since fall 2015, I haven’t paid attention to anything to do with the game other than when I visit with my buddette that deals at Aria. Our conversations sometimes lead to the high limit and dealing to players we’ve both known for years…a lot of frustration in those games — still — according to my friend.  And I can’t see how it would’ve changed.  It’s the same group trying to prove they are better at the game than the other select few they sit with as they continue to fight over the same lump of cash that slowly dwindles down the ‘drop’ rat hole.

New faces are always welcome. Unfortunately if they last long enough, they end up just like those they are playing against.

Don’t take my word for it.  If you frequent a live poker room on a regular basis, you can pick out the ones that act like if they don’t win, there is something wrong with the game, the dealer, the player that beat them, and more.  Watch them.  Just make sure if you play long term that you don’t end up like them.  Life has so many wonderful moments, don’t waste your time and emotions on a poker game or poker hands.

So…the WSOP kicks off live poker, satellites and deep-stacks on Tuesday, May 31st, and then it’s off and running on June 1st until the last card is turned on the Main Event with nine contenders left to battle it out in November.

After checking out a few points of interest recently, one of them being Howard Lederer’s apology to the poker community, I feel like sticking my nose into both of them.

I’m not the only one who believes that Howard wants to come back to the poker tables without having everyone that was affected by Full Tilt’s mismanagement ready to get in his face.

Google and you’ll find conjecture on Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer both wondering if they will put in an appearance in the 2016 WSOP. The TwoPlusTwo Forums are running with Lederer’s apology.

Ferguson?  I’ve never found any news on him.  Perhaps he’s still living in his parent’s basement, perhaps he’s moved to some island in the South Pacific that he owns…or not.

I don’t think the loss of playing poker as a lifestyle has affected Ferguson like it has Lederer.  Howard wants to play.  I do not see how he would honestly believe that an apology would allow him to walk back into a poker room/tournament without receiving hostile looks and threats from some of the players.  There’s very little forgiveness in a lot of people and the poker community rarely forgives or forgets anything.  If Howard does have the moxy to take a seat this year, all I can say is, “Be prepared.”

On the other point of interest, it has to wait for the next post.