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The Saturday night Pan Game plays Vegas Poker Rooms

Scary Kids Scaring Kids????

I thought I’d make it back yesterday with a lengthy post of the noise of life and all the things that are speeding straight into my forehead like there’s a target painted on it. I wasn’t. I’m not even going to get to it now. Tonight is Kayanna’s last night in Las Vegas this trip and we had an invite to go to the House of Blues and watch a few bands do their stuff. We took it. It was a bit of fun, a bit of insanity, a bit of a look at entertainment as I know it not.

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Going Gadding

Tonight is an ‘End of the year/beginning of Marie and Gary getting ready to head back to Iowa for their summer escape from Las Vegas,’ part of the old Pan Game grazing and playing card parties. G&M have opted to host the shindig at their place. It’s going to be a ton of fun, not only because a few of our errant crew are back in town and will attend, but also because these people are dear to my heart. A few of us met last week (or was it the week before?) and went to Jubilee and played poker afterwards at Ballys. Continue reading Going Gadding

The Pan Game plays Greg and Amy’s

So many people think the whole city of Las Vegas is filled with batshit gambling lunatics and ifthey moved here, theywould fall right into that category and would bust themselves and ruin their lives. For some, the answer is “YES” you would have a problem, for most of the rest of the population of the world, once the initial glitz wore off, you’d settle in and find yourself doing what the rest of the world does when they don’t have the 24/7 availability ofGAMBLING Continue reading The Pan Game plays Greg and Amy’s

The Pan Game plays the Excalibur

The Saturday night meets have grown long in between sessions. I seem to be the only person, of the entire group, that consciously makes an effort to bring everyone together. In a way, that sucks. Why don’t people take the initiative more often and throw out an invitation to spend time with each other? Perhaps they really wish I’d just go away and they want to invite the others but feel they have to invite me too if they hold a shindig. Gee…that’s kind of a disheartening thought so I’ll skip over it and think it’s just because mankind is lazy in general and procrastinates on everything although the thought ripples over the gray matter on occasion. All of that out of the way, Marie and I were first to arrive, she beat me by a few minutes and had our names on the list for $3-6 and $2-6 spread limit. Continue reading The Pan Game plays the Excalibur

The Pan Game Plays the Stardust

The Stardust is going down. A big wrecking ball lies in its future. Demolition begins in the first quarter of 2007 to make way for Boyd Gaming’s ‘Echelon Place’ development. There you have it. That’s one way to quash a den of thieves…ok…ok…I’m just kidding about the den of thieves. But isn’t that what we’ve all heard for years? The Stardust poker games were crooked as hell and the dealers and everyone were in on it? That’s what I heard. Is it true? Umnhhh! I wouldn’t know. It’s ingrained into everyone that’s an ‘old school’ poker playerthat has played in and around Vegas over the years. Continue reading The Pan Game Plays the Stardust

The Pan Game Plays The Venetian – Continued

The Pan Game Plays The Venetian – Continued

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Marie and I were seated in separate games but a seat opened in her game and we were side by side within a few minutes. Nicholas called and would meet us in the poker room. Viv arrived and got into another $3-6 and on the transfer list for our table. When seats opened up in our game, we just went to our buddy/buddette and told them to move over. We didn’t even go through the proper poker room channels because THERE ARE NONE! Continue reading The Pan Game Plays The Venetian – Continued