Where is the beginning?


Does the beginning come first – or the end? It’s a complexity that we bypass when we structure our lives around our existence in this short time span on Earth. Should we worry about how we end up or how we begin? After all, isn’t image the whole crux of everything we try to push? I suppose I should chalk this up to drinking…I am. Kee-rist! Continue reading Where is the beginning?


I had an invite from Jeff for an evening of socializing, grazing, and poker…the 2nd annual World Poker Championship. The invite read something like, ‘bring a friend or three, let me know by Wednesday if you’re coming so I know how much food and drink to supply’, etc., etc., etc. HELL YES! I invited Wayne – he couldn’t make it because of work or some such silly nonsense (he attended last year’s event with me). Then I invited Suzanne and being the all around socializing, NLH poker playing gal that she is, she said yes. I invited Mark too but he went South or something. I went to the first annual World Poker Championship at Jeff’s house and there’s no way I would miss this one if I could walk and talk. Continue reading WPC II

Holiday weekends

Holiday weekends bring in huge crowds, especially to the poker room and Friday was right up there with all the noise and confusion that goes along with the tidal wave of humanity flooding in to take a seat and get on a list. There was a game in Bobby’s Room, perhaps two, but I didn’t even look in that direction since I wasn’t going to be dealing in there. Continue reading Holiday weekends

$4-8 can’t be beat

I settled into the ‘dealer’s zone’ and waited for the line-up to come out…Table 22. Ugh! A dead spread. Sounds hideous doesn’t it…like you’re spreading dead on a piece of white, anemic bread, mixing it with other dead things like meat, stuffing it together into a sandwich…and you’re going to like it! What kind of bottle or packaging would it come in? Who would make it? Alright – my imagination is done running away with me and I’m back to reality. A dead spread is simply a table that has the lid off the box, no game, and a dealer sits there for a half hour before getting pushed to the next table. Continue reading $4-8 can’t be beat

I can’t get there from here

I know I do my best random, disjointed, fragmented, nonsensical writing when I’m half tanked but I’m basically on the wagon. What’s one to do? Drink wine and love every second of it – eat – practice sloth – gain 900 pounds – write all that wonderful stuff that only matters to me – and then try to be svelte and graceful as I move through my daily life? Why can’t I be 35 for the rest of my life? No excess body fat, no wrinkles or cellulite, no sagging skin, and never believing I would age or have to face that fact that life really is painful. It is. Continue reading I can’t get there from here

The Pan Game Plays The Venetian – Continued

The Pan Game Plays The Venetian – Continued

*Post continued*

Marie and I were seated in separate games but a seat opened in her game and we were side by side within a few minutes. Nicholas called and would meet us in the poker room. Viv arrived and got into another $3-6 and on the transfer list for our table. When seats opened up in our game, we just went to our buddy/buddette and told them to move over. We didn’t even go through the proper poker room channels because THERE ARE NONE! Continue reading The Pan Game Plays The Venetian – Continued

The Pan Game Plays the Venetian

What a ton of fun. If I could only put together a batch of poker hands that made playing enjoyable, it would be even more fun. Hey…let me whine for a moment. I’m sick to death of looking at 9-4 as the first hand dealt to me when I sit down to a new session. And then waiting for all of its disfigured cousins and distant relatives like 8-2, 6-3, 4-5, and more, to make their appearance and make sure that I know they are in the deck before I ever begin to find a playable hand. I did raise once with “THE HAMMER” suited in Diamonds and managed to make two pair. Continue reading The Pan Game Plays the Venetian