Playing a little online poker in NV

I’ve played legal, real-money online poker in Nevada.  Crazy Daisy! Once the Verizon issue was worked out, it seemed a few more cell phone issues were resolved and I was able to log-in, deposit, and play — as noted in the last post, Verizon is not my carrier. I couldn’t deposit with my bank issued debit card but could through a Paypal mastercard.  I’m guessing my bank isn’t going for anything out of the ordinary right now, but who knows why one would work and one wouldn’t?

I’m not thrilled with Ultimate Poker’s software or their lack of conveniences like ‘waiting lists’ and a variety of other things.  Yah…I understand the need to ‘be first’ and did read their whole explanation. I would like other game choices – NLH is not my favorite.  I would like other game choices in tournaments although I am better geared for NLH tournies than I am ring games.

I didn’t deposit much, I haven’t won a penny, I’m not broke yet so there are options available here.  🙂

I am anxiously awaiting the coming of other online poker rooms to Nevada — expected by the end of 2013 if everything goes as planned.  Then we need the interstate pacts between all the states, and to lose the frigging ‘bad actor’ clause so we can get in on all the great promos offered by all the poker sites, and somewhere in here the feds should step into the picture and decide we need to change the laws and put everyone under the same net. Not sure if this wishful thinking or lunacy.  The feds can screw and skew it all IMHO and we could be back to square one while we wait.

I had a birthday, so did my oldest boy, since my last post. Oh happy day!

Riot may spend the summer with me, not sure how that’s going as of yet but we’ll see.

Yeah, the WSOP is coming to the desert again.  I wish I was going to play something in it but there are a lot of factors that aren’t adding up to an equation that will get me there. I think we should be able to sue the feds for taking away our chances of freerolls and satellites online that could put us in a WSOP package.  Most definitely players that are still waiting for FTP funds to be distributed should be able to sue for their funds, for interest, and for not being able to freeroll into big land-based poker packages.

I feel a glass of wine coming on…it’s stalking me…calling my name…