Tito and the Palms

The old Pan Crew sometimes manages a weekly meet for lunch now – instigated by Moi, the social director for people that never seem to think of putting anything together and they just wait for someone else to do it…yes my little buddy slackers, you know who you are. After the lunch (late afternoon) is normally the time that Marie and I head for a poker room. We do the lunch thing on Fridays – not that I’m normally off on Fridays but when the room is running in half mode, with plenty of dealers, my supervisor (wonderful Pete Popovich) autopilots me into the ‘excused’ mode on Friday. We headed for the Palms again. Continue reading Tito and the Palms

Playing at the Palms

Being the E/O Queen has afforded me the opportunity to free up a lot of hours. A lot of those hours are spent here, at PokerWorks, delving into news, more material to present to you, the reader, and working with the team behind PokerWorks to create a complete ‘works’. But I’ve also spent considerable time on the other side of the green felt, as a player, traveling around to some of the other poker rooms in the city with Marie, trying to figure out, in general, if low limit games really are beatable. I’ve not arrived at an answer on the beatable part. Continue reading Playing at the Palms


First – to all of you and everyone in the world, my name is not GREEN! Nor is it GREENEN! Nor is it GEENAN! It is Geenen. It is pronounced with a hard ‘g’. Not like ‘gee, I like your hair’ but like ‘geek’ only remove the ‘k’ and put an ‘n’ there. So stop spelling it incorrectly, stop pronouncing it incorrectly, stop writing it incorrectly and figure it out. Just because someone has e’s and n’s and a g in their name, does not give you the excuse to be an idiot. Learn up dumb butt!

Continue reading Potpourri

Meeting readers of Tango

One of the biggest perks to not being owned by a publication/editor, is being able to write freely and on any topic (the beauty of the blog blooms even bigger) without someone cutting your words or telling you that you are off topic. Of course the biggest perk of all is knowing that people read you. That’s why we do it…right? Add that some of us do it in a drunken stupor or as therapy and that pretty much sums it up – for me anyway. Continue reading Meeting readers of Tango

One of America’s favorite holidays

Happy Bird Day to all of you in the US – and all of you in other countries too if you share our traditional turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, pumpkin pie and whip cream until your about to burst idea of a cook all day and eat for three good time. I will sleep through the gorging and be at work when the grazing begins. Believe me, it’s better that way. I’ve had invites but I like to sleep too much…just in case I have to deal my full shift. My day of too much food and family (never too much family)will come on the weekend. God Bless!

Bellagio’s Gardens

Anyone thatvisits Bellagio, and goes anywhere other than the casino floor, sport’s book, or poker room, knows the gardens are a sight to behold. A few months ago there were trains running through all different terrains and climates, using the Banyan tree in the theme. Now fall has arrived and with it the scent of cinnamon spice is in the air. That’s one of the most sense delighting facts about stepping into the gardens, the fresh change in the air and a climate change, usually a little more moist, removing onefrom the dry desert atmosphere, and now it smells like cinnamon spice too. Continue reading Bellagio’s Gardens

The Blog Father Cometh…

To tell you that I can be totally infatuated with a person would be a slight understatement. I can do it with females or males and really never have a sexual twinge or thought about their physical being. I fall into the mesmerized thingey with people from time to time and I really love it when I find people to feel that way about. After all…I’m in the poker industry where I watch people at their very worst, and I know before they open their mouth what they are going to say, and I suppose I could be called ‘jaded’…so WTF! Call me jaded! Do whatever makes you happy! But I’m completely, deliriously, ‘helium balloon in the sky floating to the sun’ happy that we have a new blogger at PokerWorks. Continue reading The Blog Father Cometh…

Playing Around

Sounds slightly promiscuous, doesn’t it? That would be playing poker around town type of playing around. Since I’m the resident slacker of Bellagio’s poker dealing staff, I’ve managed to spend more and more time on the playing side of the green felt. Marie manages to spend quite a bit of that time with me. Gary and Marie play poker pretty much on a daily basis. Gary likes the $20-40 H games at The Mirage and plays $30-60 H at Bellagio on occasion. Marie plays the smaller limits, like me, and we manage to meet up at the tables, usually two to three times a week. We try to play in different rooms, check out the crowds, watch the action, win a few $$, and just enjoy the fine game of poker. Continue reading Playing Around

“HI! I’m Sincere!” II

*post continued* Perhaps I’ve not mentioned lately how much I enjoy playing poker when I have no stress to do anything, like a clock in my face, or some other issue that needs tending NOW! Back to the game that had me in stitches. I found out that the 9s’s name is Ryan. Stephanie pulled out her handy dandy instaconnect to the internet phone and looked it up on Google (or The Google as President Bush referred to it). Ryan translates to king. They had more than a few words on that subject. Continue reading “HI! I’m Sincere!” II