Bright lights and Government – what a mix

Today’s plan is a jaunt into Las Vegas.  The sun’s is out, the wind seems to have settled, and it’s a perfect day to do outside projects but instead I’ve opted to head into Las Vegas and get my Riot Fix and spend some time in a card room with Marie – or just doing lunch if we don’t feel like sitting at the green felt.  How’s that for a super exciting way to spend a few hours in one of the hot spots of the world? Continue reading Bright lights and Government – what a mix

Tournament Reports

the PokerWorks Family HORSE went off quite well, but extremely quiet. It was…almost subdued in the chat area and I blame that on djhomeshool not showing up. He’s usually quite gabby. Clearspine barely squeaked into a seat – he was enjoying fine dining created by his daughter – just before the tournament started. Grupper and I were signed up a day or so ahead of the start time. Thanks Grupper!
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Poker’s still in the mix

I have been playing…tsk, tsk…you didn’t really think I’d quit, right?  Nah!  Can’t give up the fix.  Strangely enough, I’ve picked up some playable hands.  It feels weird and fantastic at the same time.  I placed in the money in five tournaments in the last week.  Nothing major, but making a few $$ back is nice for a change.  One today that I really wanted to make it to the final table as the payout was HUGE – well – read the following for details. Continue reading Poker’s still in the mix

The desert

waits under an ominously dark ceiling that moves from the mountains across the valley.  The wind has picked up.  The salt cedars that normally block off all view of the neighbors, now wave like skeletons bleached of their flesh as the wind hits their naked branches.  The ceiling changes, as if the artist can’t quite decide the color or shading.  And then the rain hits.  Drops coming in wind pushed waves that are sucked up by the land.  The airborne birds battle wind currents that hurl them mercilessly back and forth, their outstretched wings are part of the artist’s sense of humor.

As suddenly as it started, the wind drops to a breeze, the rain stops, the ceiling is still changing.  The desert waits.

Getting rid of the cobwebs

I’m seriously having a disgusting time fading through the harsh waste land of broken clubs and jagged spades strewn across the never ending path that always seems to climb upward and onward and then completely disappear at times as I stumble…sliding into the bog…I’m almost immersed with my grannie fingernails pulling at any piece of slime covered cracked Aces and 9-2 offsuit, hanging on to those hateful memories, trying  to keep my nose above the surface… Continue reading Getting rid of the cobwebs

What do grannies do?

Sometimes they play poker…as was the case when I went into Las Vegas last week and met Marie and Greg at the Orleans Poker Room.  As poker rooms go, it’s pretty typical to find seats open and have the players and dealer tell you there is no list only to find out as you set your butt in the chair that there is a list.  It went like this: Continue reading What do grannies do?

Obama is asking for your thoughts

and the PokerPlayersAlliance has sent out an easy way to inform the President of the fact that online poker is not only a great way to keep us off the streets and out of the bars, but also enjoyable entertainment and part of our freedom of choice.  Please join in the fight to dispel the idiocy and insanity of the UIGEA.  Send the message to everyone you know, time is short. Continue reading Obama is asking for your thoughts