Service – Just kidding

A friendly little $6 – 12 holdem game. You climb into a double raised pot with A-9 of diamonds (you’re the button). The flop comes 8-7-3 with two diamonds. It’s bet – raised – called by two players in front of you – you call. The original raiser re-raises. Everyone calls. A black 6 pops off on the turn and the action goes haywire again. Everyone’s in and when it gets to you, you pop it up – what the hell, you’ve got two over cards, an open ended straight and flush draw.

The bet is capped and you’re rooting for a diamond – by now you know that you’re either up against a set or someone made a straight on the turn. The K of diamonds pops off on the river and everyone checks to you – you slam in the bet and get called in two places. The other two players flopped a set (8’s and 7’s).
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