It started as fun

It started as fun, just us four,
nickels and dimes, we wouldn’t
play for more.

It took just a few hand. It all
went up in smoke when Dave
drew out and started to joke.

The bet limit was off, we were
playing the pot, screaming and
yelling, a miserable lot.

We woke up the neighbors. They
joined us too. Now every Friday
we gather our crew.

We spin off the hours playing
dealer’s choice. We play just as
hard but with a lot less noise.

Burning and turning

Burning and turning . . . Oh what
a life! I thought when I grew up I
might be a wife. Instead I stay up
with the boys all night, dealing
the cards until it’s daylight.

If I could start over, what would I
choose? Secretary, waitress, or
teacher, the thought gives me the

I’ve visited and listened and made
money too. Pushed chips
to everyone, met Henry (he’s new).
I’ll just pick up the deck and
shuffle again, finish my shift, and
leave with a grin.

I’ve got the best seat in the house
and making money’s no sin. I’ll
come back tomorrow. I’ve got a
sure win.

The Rocks

The temperature is about 100 plus and you started out to clean the garage and finish your yard work, but . . . you know how those well intentioned thoughts get sidetracked when you’d rather play poker. The next thing you know, the auto pilot on your car has taken you to your favorite air-conditioned poker room.
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The endless line

Where do they come from? The endless line.
Waiting in the Queue ’til the end of time.

They reach in their pockets for a chance to play.
Matching wits and skills to survive the foray.

They stack up their chips and then give them
away. What the hell, Brother, they came to play.

Praise the lord and pass the chips

The views expressed in this article are strictly those of this writer. They are not meant to infringe upon, imply or describe the religious or spiritual belief of any society, organization or individual.

Ever wonder if the players sitting next to you believe in God? What are their thoughts?

Dear God, If I win this hand, I swear I will never sit at the table again. I can pay the rent and all those people I owe money to and feed my kids. Please God; don’t take this pot away from me.
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