Calling anyone out there

that knows how to fix this issue for me.  I will buy you a drink or three if ever we should meet.  If not, then just accept my undying thanks for the help.  I admit to being a microsoft groupy, have been for years and have grown accustomed to everything they’ve come out with.  About three months ago, I received an excel file from a friend that had a giant blue space on the left, and in checking ‘view’ and all sorts of things, even searching the internet, I can’t find a solution to make the file load correctly to the left.  At the same time, my other excel files went to whacko mode when I opened them. Continue reading Calling anyone out there

PokerWorks’ Family Tournament

and a bit more.  We had a nice turnout of eight players.  Nonsensible joined us after a long absence – and ClearSpine made it.  Nice!  Charlie (ccmac) showed up but he was too late to get in.  I was drastically ill.  I made it to 3rd due to the good graces of the Card Fairy being on vacation.  This is how it played down:

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Pulling up pictures of the past

My desert hikes have brought memories of other hikes long past.  This grannie does need to get organized… I told my hiking partner Amy about the morning glories in the desert.  She said they had a light pink look, I did the know-it-all “Nope!  These are completely white.”  Sure enough, I was wrong.  The ones I’m referring to are white but ain’t even Morning Glories.  I found them at this link and they are P-O-I-S-O-N-O-U-S! Continue reading Pulling up pictures of the past

Let’s Play HORSE

and have some fun tomorrow at 21:00 ET – PokerStars as usual.  ‘donkeys’ is the password, the cost is $5. + $.50 – you won’t get rich if you win, but you will have fun claiming that you bested all the donkeys.  Look for ‘PokerWorks Family’ under the ‘private’ tab or search tournament ID 206313511.  And don’t be late!  *EDIT – HOLY SHIT – I can’t even get the Tournament # right, try this one #206187063 – and if that fails, go to ‘tourney’>’private’ and scroll to the 25th at 21:00 – PokerWorks Family.

Fridays are for

who knows what?  I used to have the Friday thing when I worked as a legal secretary, but got right out of the Friday mode when I became a poker deal – since Friday falls on any day of the week that is your last day of work before the weekend.  I won’t profess to being in the mood to sit here and pen.  I’m not.  I will profess to feeling that it’s time I did. So…

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I’m sorry to report

the word “Grandmom” is completely worn out.  If any of you ever thought about using it, you will have to wait for it to refresh throughout the next cycling of word repair.  Is it possible for someone to create a counter that one could wear on their person and actually count the number of times a particular word was used? My buddy Riot did the ‘Grandmom’ thing at least 3,870 times while he was here during the weekend.  We did have a really good time.  Saturday was his day to kick dirt – and he did.  He went home to momparental on Sunday and called me Sunday night to tell me to come and get him after school tomorrow.  It’s nice to be loved.

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Let’s Talk Poker

It’s everywhere.  You can’t find a bare spot on the poker reporting shelves and every little scent of news becomes big news – even if it’s not newsworthy – and ends up on the web, in a magazine, in a newspaper, or a blog.  Go figure that once all of the bad beats have had the shit beat out of them by airing them everywhere – and hand history reports are pasted, posted, discussed – what else is there to talk about that hasn’t been aired?  Not much…the next new tournament that’s springing up in outer JunkVille? Continue reading Let’s Talk Poker

Ring Dang Do

I thought I was going to do the whole skirting project today and get it out of my way.  The wind fixed me right up.  When I started, the air was calm, it was a wonderfully gentle temperature, and I managed to get all of the skirting hung except the part that goes under the fold-up stairs…that part is going to take a bit of ingenuity on my part since we kind of had it jury-rigged from last year and the jury is hung now. Continue reading Ring Dang Do