What would you like to do?

$5-10NLH, my first game of the night, Rico was in the 1s. We met at the tables about two months ago, in exactly the same role – he was playing, I was dealing. When I sat down several players were being shuffled out of the game to a main game and several more were coming in. I announced, “$6 for time please,” and chips started sailing out onto the greenfelt. Rico had $15 out and told me the change was mine. SWEET! Continue reading What would you like to do?

Just sounding off

I have pondered this more than once. Time to flesh it out here. A poker game is always going to be a bit of a strange mixture of events, happening simultaneously, filled with a lot of emotion. Not only is the mechanical side of the game a bit complex at times – because of rules and different games being played at different limits (sometimes at the same table in mixed games) – there are certain things that have to happen in order for poker to be the game it should be. Add people!

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News from my side

I received a flyer from Harrahs and one section of it is titled ‘2007, Gaming, Life Expo, Girls, Games, Gear – this part is copied and pasted from their website: “The Gaming Life Expo, the gaming-themed consumer trade show that occurs during the World Series of Poker, is an event like no other. The 2006 event was a tremendous success attracting over 100 companies and 100,000 attendees. In 2007, the expo will become The Gaming Life Expo-Girls, Games, and Gear. The name change reflects the expansion of the theme to reflect that of “men’s lifestyle”. The event runs concurrently with the opening days of the Main Event, 11 AM to 6 PM each day, July 5-8, 2007, and will be held in the Rio Pavilion.”
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Still no image manager

This sucks. I have some great pics to put up and no way to get them here. I could load them on another server I carry, and link to them, but then I either have to move them to the PWorks server or leave them on my personal server forever for them to be viewed. I almost want to start loading them on my server – but then I have the feeling that as soon as I do, come Monday a.m., the programmer will tell me the issues have been resolved. Until then, I’m in a holding pattern. Continue reading Still no image manager

Poker Peaker has hit the peak

First he did an article forthe PokerWorks Team- hopefully he will find time to do more – and tonight I received an email that welcomed two baby girls into his family. I went immediately to his blog, read his post, and cried like a little girl. There’s just something about the excitement of newborns, and relief of parents because the waiting is over, and anticipation of never getting a good night’s sleep again, and doing it double instead of single, and…and…and…anyway…I cried some joy tears. Love those babies! Congratulations to the team.

Mr. OutaControl

It’s damned seldom anymore that I would deal through any game and receive any grief from any player. There are a few dipshits that like to try to peg cards at dealer’s hands out of spite now and then, and a few super idiots that pitch their cards across the table because they aren’t winning and loudly demand, “Go away Jinx!” as they run out to suck down some cigarette smoke. Yeah, Emy, you know who you are! Continue reading Mr. OutaControl