Online poker dealt in Nevada, I got dealt out – UPDATED

I live in Nevada, and I’m about 3 to 4 miles from the California state line, but still…I’m a Nevada resident in Nye County.  I tried to jump right in and play, or watch, the first hands of legal, real-money, online poker when cards went in the air today at Ultimate Poker.

I downloaded, registered, even gave my SS number and address, and the required cell phone number.  Once I got through the required details, they sent a text through to my phone. I texted back “yes” and got the message that “Ultimate Poker Location verification is enabled.  Login and Play. Blah, blah, blah.

But when I logged in, I got a flag that said they were unable to verify a Nevada Location and I should contact customer support.  The flag went on to say “NOTICE TO VERIZON WIRELESS USERS: due to a technical error on the Verizon Wireless end in Nevada, Ultimate Poker may be unable to verify your location.”

All well and good except I’m not a Verizon customer.  I use StraightTalk which is a leg off of AT&T and the Ultimate Poker ‘flag’ says supported providers are Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

So an email to customer service  got me this:

Ultimate Poker Player Care (Angel)

Ultimate Poker Player Care (Angel) (Ultimate Poker)

Apr 30 12:30 (MDT)

Hi Linda,
Try texting “YES” to UPOKER (which is 876537). Let us know if this fails.
Thank you for contacting Ultimate Poker.

Player Care Ace
Ultimate Poker

And immediately following that got another email saying my request was resolved and closed.  Yeah…right buddy.  So I sent another one.  I’ve heard nothing.  They’re probably swamped with all kinds of glitches and issues and since I’ve waited since Black Friday to play online poker legally, what’s another day or so.  I’d almost bet I will never be able to play poker online in Nevada from my current location.  Fucking sucks, Kids.

On another note, I spent last weekend in Las Vegas, unplugged from the computer for two days, and in general had a pretty good time.  That’s probably my next blog post so check back.

UPDATED: 5.2.13 A second email from support at Ultimate Poker

Ultimate Poker Player Care (Angel)

Ultimate Poker Player Care (Angel) (Ultimate Poker)

May 01 13:38 (MDT)

We understand that some players with LTE-enabled phones are also receiving an error that we are unable to locate them in Nevada. Disabling LTE on your phone and logging in again should alleviate this problem.

For instructions on how to disable LTE on an iPhone 5:
For instructions on how to disable LTE on a Samsung Galaxy:
Once again, we apologize for any frustration caused during your registration process. Please be assured that we’re working hard to resolve all of these issues, and we hope to get you playing soon.

Please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at [email protected] if you require further assistance on this or any other issue.


-The Ultimate Poker Player Care Team

Player Care Ace
Ultimate Poker

It didn’t work for me, I have an older iPhone but I did try it.  Online poker is in in Nevada and I’m still out! *sniff*

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