Only the strong survive

How old is that saying?  What type of strength does it refer to?  Physical, as in the king of the jungle eats first? Health, as in you have to have the heart of a lion to be able to withstand all the cholesterol and grease in the American diet plan? Mental, as in no matter how painful life is you have to get up every day and search for a brighter tomorrow?  I missed a few but I’m done with the question and answer period for now. Continue reading Only the strong survive


Do poker players anticipate a new event?  I’m toggling back and forth with the players I remember dealing to and the ones I remember that travel a circuit may find a new event exciting but I do wonder how. Traveling to event after event has to be wearing on its own. I even wonder how many of them ever get the quick anticipation jolt when the TD or some replica says, “Shuffle up and deal!” Continue reading Ah-huh!


Years ago if someone had said the word “Change” in my presence I would have thought they wanted my pocket change.  I would never have moved it forward, thinking in terms of past and present into future.  Now change is always present.  There is no getting comfortable, no feeling of slipping on comfy duds and falling back to reflect a day of work.  There’s no way to be comfortable.  Every move is countered, every attempt is blocked. Continue reading Change

The funky rut

I’ve been trying to fade climbing out of a rut that started about a week ago.  I’m stuck. Years ago I heard ‘the only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth’ and did they ever hit it on the head or what?  Things have changed and with it I must change, it gets much harder as you get older.  Yeah, that’s only my opinion.  But I do remember younger days where I just breezed past things because I knew tomorrow would be a better day.  Perhaps that’s what aging does for us…makes us realize that we don’t have nearly as many tomorrows left as we did back then…and that no matter how hard we try to accomplish, it sometimes just isn’t enough. Continue reading The funky rut

No need to explain

why I haven’t been here.  I just haven’t. The point is I’m here now. And yes, I’m still trying to figure out what makes what tick – then perhaps I will know the answer to me. I’m caught in a jumble of confusion. Perhaps it stems from childhood issues of spending my life chumming the highways and byways of the western United States as my mom vacuum sealed eight of us kids into the back seat of a car and spent her days chasing her man as he continually moved from one place to another.  Yeah, her man was my dad – and the rest of my back seat buddies that probably hated to be next to my whiny ass because I was always car sick. Continue reading No need to explain