Happy Hearts and Smiling Faces

Last night was a wedding rehearsal dinner for two of my favorite people – Greg and Amy.  This evening they will exchange vows.  WOW!  It’s really refreshing to see two people together that want to be together.  They are both incredibly great people and I feel my life has been enriched by having them join my path.  We will be friends forever for I can’t believe anything would ever happen that would take that special bond from us.

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Watching the effect of the wind

as it whips across the desert.  From seemingly nowhere it springs into a tornado force with no rhyme or reason other than to move across the land as fast as possible.  I keep waiting for the rain to hit my section of dirt as I watch it come across the mountains hanging in dark, wispy curtains from the clouds above.  The wind hits again in a devastating blast that rocks the coach and birds struggle to remain airborne as it hurls them back and forth like an out of control yoyo at the end of a string. Continue reading Watching the effect of the wind

My View

As I watch Aces get crushed one more time, ugh, no my view isn’t about poker because if it was right now in the current state that I seem to be holding cards and getting trounced, I’d have to contemplate suicide.  Since I’m not in the mood to contemplate suicide and I can’t control a frigging deck of cards – *note, I couldn’t control a deck when I dealt poker for a living in B&M either.* – I’d rather focus on the things that make me smile. Continue reading My View