The Worst Move in Poker!

What’s the most idiotic, no brain move that a player can make in a poker game?

We aren’t going right to the answer because it would take away the suspense and the guesswork. There are a lot of stupid things that players do…some of them could be classed as smart moves – stupid things that smart players do to make you think they’re stupid or innocent blunders that new players make that experienced players think are moves. The possibilities are endless with this one but let’s move on lest we become trapped in the mental meanderings that constitute our decision making ability as we while away the hours waiting for position and playable hands.
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I have a deck of these cards. They are uniquely beautiful, truly a work of art, and no, we aren’t going to break them out in one of my Saturday night games. 🙂

To view the entire set of face cards, door card, jokers, etc., visit here.

The following information is courtesy of of this site.

The Deck

In 1955, French playing card publisher Editions Philibert produced what was to become regarded by many as one of the most beautiful decks of playing cards ever designed.

Artist Paul-Emile Becat took four years to design and create the memorable images in the deck, which was produced in a limited edition of 12,000 decks.

An article about the deck was published in the Spring, 1962 edition of Eros magazine, with the following information about Becat’s inspiration for the images:

“For many of his illustrations Becat drew upon a set of paintings by Renaissance masters which the monk Savonrola had destroyed in 1496 because they revealed too much of the intrigue and sordidness of Borgia family life. Savonrola was greatly beholden to the Borgias. Detailed descriptions of these paintings had been preserved, however, and it was from them that Becat was able to paint a number of his miniatures. The balance of his pictures he based on other Florentine themes.”

Below is a list of the illustrated cards from the deck, and the names Becat gave them:

Ace The Allegory of Love
King King Francis I
Queen The Lady and the Rose
Jack Lovers of Verona
Ace The Allegory of Gold
King Duke Leonardo, Patron of the Arts
Queen Her Majesty Encourages the Arts
Jack Leonardo da Vinci and One of the Beauties He Immortalized
Ace The Adventuresses
King Allegory of the Soldiers
Queen “La Belle Ferroniere,” Favorite of Young King Francis I
Jack The Messenger of Love
Ace The Poisoners
King Bluebeard
Queen Lucretia Borgia
Jack Machiavelli