September 15, 2000

$4-8 holdem, the chips are rocking and rolling back and forth across the table, a delightful player from Florida has a seat on my left.

I’m first to act and raise with A-K…he calls with 7-4 off suit. Everyone else except the two blinds folded. The flop was J-8-5. I released my hand to a bet in front of me and “Florida” on my left called. A 7 came on the turn. Florida called a bet on the Turn and River and a lone pair of 7’s were good.

While he was stacking the chips, he looked me dead in the eye and as serious as could be, said, “I was worried about those two. You never know what they’re going to turn over!”

He was motioning towards the two blinds as he spoke. I kept the straightest face I could possibly manage and totally agreed with him.
What a country. What do people do that don’t play poker?

September 11, 2000

I received 2 emails from “RV Library”. The 1st one contained an attachment entitled “happy.exe”. The 2nd one read “f_ck you”.

I deleted the 1st one without opening the attachment. The 2nd one I replied to asking “What’s this all about?”

To date, I haven’t received a reply from “RV Library” whose email address is [email protected].

Just off the top of my head, I’d have to guess that the “happy.exe” file wasn’t in my best interest. After reading the 2nd one…I’m sure that ‘rvp5651’ is a cowardly snipe, incapable of sitting down and discussing a problem/situation in an adult manner.

Apparently ‘rvp5651’ didn’t like something on my website or I may have dealt to or played poker with ‘rvp5651’ and he/she didn’t like the results. Oh well…