Poker, Poker, Poker

Ever hear this one? “Hey buddy, that gorgeous girl on the rail is watching you play poker and has been for the last 15 minutes!” The guy barely gives her a glance and goes back to his game. The bottom line is you can always find a pretty girl but you can’t always find a good poker game.

What do people do that don’t play poker? Do they have meals with their families, go to movies and football games, take their kid out to the park to play Frisbee Golf and all those normal, real life events or do those things only happen in the movies?
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The totem pole

Ever check out the various economic divisions of life . . . such as: 1) people with money that live ordinary lives and drive Volkswagens because they like them vs. a Mercedes or Rolls because they’re a symbol of power and wealth; 2) the next class of people that are striving to always move up to status #1 and want everyone to know they are “SOMEONE” and they mouth off all of the time about what they own and who they do; 3) the ordinary person that goes to work every day just trying to improve and provide a better life for their families; 4) the person that struggles every day to put food on the table and clothes on their family and can never set aside enough money for a down payment on their own home; 5) and the person who lives on the street and has no out for the finer things in life that some of the rest of us just take for granted. There are a lot of variables here and we are going to slide right on by them because this is about poker of course.
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