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Dragging ass and still have work to do

It’s one minute before midnight.  I knew I’d make it back today.  Yuppers, I can barely function but I’m here.  Last night, the 4th of July, I made it to bed at 3:30 a.m. and didn’t catch nearly enough sleep to make me feel good…even picked up a nap but that didn’t help much either so here I am, wishing I was tucking in but still thinking I need to stand by my word for hell sake.

The 4th was brutal.  I planted a tree in my front yard – in varying degrees of ‘done’ because it was 112 or so. I got in a text war with the woman that is the mother of my two youngest grandkids – and very pregnant with the third one.  Does this woman know what causes babies?  Fked if I know…but at 40 years old with two older kids from two different guys, one would think so.  I see pregnant people now and just cringe, thinking back on the whole experience – and the fact that they NEVER grow up and you always have to help out.  Just bitchin…

Anyway, she was rude, I’d recount it all here but it’s not worth the effort it takes to write the drama out from my phone.  She is in an on-and-off relationship with my son…don’t think I’m taking his side in this matter, he’s not handling life as a responsible adult IMHO when it comes to kids and sleeping over (that’s a nice way of saying ‘fucking around’ when he knows what causes babies).

She got pissed at him so she took a spare set of car keys he had at her place, had someone give her a ride, and she went to the shop where he was working and stole his car.  She parked it somewhere away from home and I guess she thought she was teaching him a lesson, because he works about 12 miles from the shop.  I don’t see how that solves anything.  I told her to boot his ass out if she couldn’t handle his lifestyle and she played the “oh woe is me, I’m innocent” by telling me she wasn’t keeping him there, he could leave any time he wanted.  Really?  You are where you are because you want to be there dumbass.  Both of them.

Of course I got phone calls and text messages because that’s what kids do…they punish you by making you live their life through contact. Enough on that subject.

Along with the horrid heat, and the fire up on the mountain noted in yesterday’s post, we had massive winds that erupted out of nowhere and then died down, thunder boomers and lightning, three drops of rain hit my arm when I was out planting, and then the fireworks (7 miles away but still very audible) and my war dog went into ‘jam up and jelly tight’ rolling her eye balls back in her head, fidgeting, pacing, sticking her nose in the back of my knee and every time I moved, she tried to anticipate my move and got in the way.

I was installing a folding door in the hallway that has the W&D and goes out to the deck in back…trying to drill holes, sawing off the top bar to fit the doorway (purpose of the folding door was to help cut some of the heat out of the house), and I didn’t feel very good to boot.

Plus, I had Riot for a full month, took him home on Tuesday, his momparental texted me on Wed. and told me he had been vomiting and had diarrhea since he got home.  Really?

A few more phone texts and she said she called his Dr. and it was heat exhaustion.  Really? Where did that come from?  We were mostly inside the house while he was here other than swimming next door. And he drank a ton of gatorade and water so…   I must question this because it makes no sense.  I think he may self-induce sickness because he never wants to go back home.

Then I tried calling and texting all day and evening on Thursday…4th of July…no answer.  FK!  I tried again today, numerous times.  He called me tonight and wanted to know when I was coming back to get him.  Guess you would have to know what I know to understand how stressful it is when your grandkids are having issues.

Back to the fire, when I left Vegas late Tuesday and made it over ‘the hump,’ I could see the dark smoke off to the right in the distance.  I got a few pictures about a half hour later when I got down to the Tecopa turn out.  I hate the power lines in the picture but I would have had to climbed through or over a barb wire fence to keep from capturing them…that ain’t gonna happen. The last one was taken after I got home, from my backyard.

from highway 160 zooming the fire max zoom the smoke from my back yard

On the evening/night of the 4th, the smoke was a massive billow and as night progressed, the whole top of the mountain, along the skyline, was a red/orange glow.

Now that I’ve lived through the 4th, I’m tired.  🙂

On the poker front, that’s going to happen at another time. And tomorrow I really am going to the Rio and see what’s left of the WSOP – the main event starts today…I think.


Dog hair amundo and dust up the ass

I do wonder how much dog hair and dust I’ve ingested in the last almost two years of Scout living with me.  I didn’t put a lot of thought into it until I happened to look across the surface of the black leather couch and sleeper ottoman when the sun hit it just right.  The dust and dog hair appeared like a beacon of frustration – it’s here for life. Continue reading Dog hair amundo and dust up the ass

A reboot kind of week

I don’t think it started out that way, the reboot I mean.  But somehow it was going to require shutdown and start over a bunch of times for the wrinkles to start to roll out of the system. And then my damn computer didn’t help, the network couldn’t find the printer, the sky was falling, things were crawling – so slow I thought about slowing them up even further with a BIG frigging hammer.  But let’s all take a deep breath while we reboot.  Continue reading A reboot kind of week