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Wahoo! I found a stack of old posts…

At one point I hosted my blog at Blogger.com and when PokerWorks was absorbed into the PokerNews family, the programmers wanted to run it in WordPress…so we did. The original blogging — when I was dumb as hell about setting up a website but did my own, I simply loaded each new post into one l-o-n-g page.  I had the backup for that since it was all on my computer and then published to the web.

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Karate Don

Does he really know karate or practice it? Who the hell knows? How did he end up with that name? Who the hell knows! I’ve been dealing to Don since somewhere in mid Mirage days. He’s got a reputation as a steamer and being a bit demented. His eyes even take on that strange look at times; you know the look, the one where you expect him to detonate the entireplanet just to get one person. And if he reads here, no problemo from my side. Continue reading Karate Don

Meeting Brandon Schaefer and others dear to my heart

The moon is out – it’s a beautiful 36 degrees tonight – just the kind of night that makes me really happy to have a place to hang out in, away from the freaking cold. No urges to race out into the night air and sprint to the top of a mountain…no sir-e-e-e. Get me hot blankets and lots of warm potent potables and I just might survive until the dawn hits. And what’s that old saying, “It’s always coldest just before dawn?” OK! Forget the dawn shit and just give me what I want. Continue reading Meeting Brandon Schaefer and others dear to my heart