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Who called for a fill?

A day in poker is like a day that’s impossible to describe to anyone that hasn’t been there….but I keep trying. Of course I do this because I want to go back and read again and laugh my butt off with, “Oh my God! I forgot about that…” Well some of the instances don’t leave me laughing my butt off.

Last week I dealt a $600-$1,200 Mixed Game. The game had just started when I sat down but must have been a Dead Spread all day as there was only $40 in blue chips in the rack. The line up was Shawn, Oscar, and Eli.

I called for a bank increase to be able to break down a $100 or $500 chip if needed. Carmen brought me $500 in $25 chips for the increase.

About ten minutes into my down, Todd arrived and took a seat. Curtis showed up a few minutes later. Renee was ready to play and waiting for Security to ‘unlock’ his lock box.

About 15 minutes into my down, I called for a fill. It was loud enough that anyone in the room could have heard me as the room was fairly quiet and Rachael (chip runner) acknowledged me from the middle of the low limit section.

Rachael appeard a few minutes later and I counted out the bank for my fill. After she left, Todd asked, “Who called for a fill, Linda?”

“I did.”


“It’s a courtesy to keep the rack full and in order for dealers and players.”

Todd motioned to the $40 in blue in the rack, “You won’t go through that in an hour in this game.”

Guess that means that none of the dealers or cocktail waitresses are going to get a tip.

Shawn said it all for me, I didn’t have to say a word.

Shawn, “Leave her alone. She’s one of the best dealers.”

Todd, “I’m trying to make her a better dealer.”

Shawn, “Linda, honey, do whatever you want. If you want to stop the game, go ahead, we’ll wait.”

Several thoughts went through my head with Todd’s comments. My being a better dealer by never getting a fill means that I would never stop or slow the game down to get one…the world according to Todd. No one else, in all of my dealing career, has ever bitched because I requested a fill.

What about Renee? As soon as he wins the first pot, he immediately wants $20 or more in blue chips because he does tip.

Am I to do my job based on what one person requires out of the masses that I deal to each year? I think not. If Shawn hadn’t said everything for me, I’m not sure I could have held my tongue.

I passed Shawn later in the night, away from the table and thanked him for speaking up on my behalf. He said, “They know…it’s just fucking bullshit.”

Did he hit the nail on the head or what?