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Stepping back into real time

Before I update the personal and relevant to everyday happenings in the world of MOI…yeah…me, I want to do an update on my dogs.  Scout and Chevy have learned to love each other.  It took no small amount of time to get them to that point and we kept them separated by a double fence for almost two months before we began to introduce them to each other face-to-face. Continue reading Stepping back into real time

Just a coupla thoughts

Yes, I do still have thoughts. Some days there are so many in the air around me I can barely contain them, other days, neh, not so much going on. I find myself wondering what teeth would say to us if we listened. Strange thought huh? I have one tooth right now that is saying, “If you so much as touch me or move me or chew on me, I’m going to hurt you for hours. The kind of hurt that only huge amounts of great drugs or a dentist can put an end to. You got it?” Continue reading Just a coupla thoughts