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I used to have a link from Wikipedia that went to my Project City Center posts.  Of course someone in the editing mode removed it because knowing what the whole thing looked like before the project began, seeing it in all phases as buildings were blown up/imploded and removed, and watching it grow from dirt up with a view that the common person couldn’t get, was way too much information for the editing fingers at

I find it humorous that Wikipedia is ‘the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit’ – but don’t try.  Your work will be erased by a mod.  A friend of mine entered me in Wikipedia – high limit poker dealer, WPT TV dealer (two stints), dealer in Howard Lederer instructional videos, the first poker blogger, sweater of Andy Beal/Craig Singer at Wynn when Andy played the Corporation (and dealing those games at Bellagio), editor of, etc., etc., etc. and I was removed by a mod.  Interesting.  Just like the link that went to my Project City Center photos was removed, so was I.  But if you are interested in seeing the whole project from the beginning, through various phases of construction, check out the categories on the right  ‘project city center.’

So let’s begin, I took most of these while driving – no…not while moving in traffic driving – as I waited at stop lights and just general traffic stops so some are at a bit of an angle and my side view mirror may be showing in a few.  I was on my way to the Doyle Brunson book signing of ‘The Godfather of Poker‘ at Wynn.  At times my explanation of direction isn’t all I would like it to be when I’m relating to what is where at what point.  So do the best you can with it.

On Flamingo, I took the exit heading South on Hotel Rio Drive (it connects to Industrial Road) and these were taken from Industrial Road – the small brown structure in front is the 10 story Bellagio Employee Parking Garage, that used to tower over the whole project.  This set of 8 pictures is left to right down Industrial Blvd, heading South, Mandalay Bay is on the right, Bellagio is on the left:

Bellagioparkinggarage.jpg Bellagioparkinggarage2.jpg Bellagioparkinggarage3.jpg Bellagioparkinggarage4.jpg

Bellagioparkinggarage5.jpg DSC01018.jpg DSC01019.jpg DSC01020.jpg

The first picture is taken looking back (North) and all the pictures following are in order to the right (South).

DSC01022.jpg DSC01023.jpg DSC01024.jpg DSC01025.jpg

Kinda funny, it was a completely overcast day and the way these pictures show up, they almost appear to be sci fi.  These three are taken on Tropicana, heading East toward the Strip, on the freeway overpass:

DSC01028.jpg DSC01034.jpg DSC01035.jpg

On the Strip heading North, New York New York is on the left – and note in the last picture, the teensy speck of a Southwest Airlines plane can be seen in the sky behind the building 🙂

DSC01041.jpg DSC01042.jpg DSC01043.jpg DSC01046.jpg

The last building above is the first structure on the left in the first two pictures below:

DSC01048.jpg DSC01049.jpg DSC01051.jpg DSC01052.jpg DSC01053.jpg

This is right beside me, looking West (to my left), between the two buildings in the first  and second pictures above left.

DSC01054.jpg DSC01055.jpg DSC01059.jpg

Moving North again – the third picture is looking back South – the fourth and fifth are continuing North:

DSC01060.jpg DSC01062.jpg DSC01063.jpg DSC01064.jpg DSC01066.jpg

There is an intense amount of glass work close to street level right in here:

DSC01071.jpg DSC01073.jpg

And lastly, a couple of my weird angle shots that you can figure out where they fit by matching building color/signs from other photos here.

weirdangle.1056.jpg weirdangle.1057.jpg

Perhaps I will take a trek on foot for another photo shoot during the Blogger Winter Festival…perhaps not!

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