It’s a wonderful Wednesday

It’s about 74 degrees, no wind, pleasantly bright and sunny, and I’ve got the whole day to do nothing. WRONG! I’ve got the whole day to digest life, do some computer work, contemplate stepping back into live tournament/ring game play and decide just how pokerish oriented I can get. I read poker every day now, but as far as thinking it? Umnhhh!!!

The Poker Bowl was cranking at the Palms over the last four days. Wayne invited me, more than once, to visit and take some pictures and watch the action. He was dealing…I believe he’ll be on TV due to this stint. While one part of my brain told me I should be at the Palms, the other part of my brain argued that the last thing – in the world – I wanted to do was fade the traffic and parking (don’t forget the size of the Steed) and then go into a smoke filled casino just to watch a bunch of people that I’ve been watching, as I dealt and played, for years. Sure it’s news! Sure it’s exciting! Just not to me. I hope to go to the other side of that thought – in a hurry – and get back to where I find it exciting or interesting to go watch a bunch of pros battle it out on the green felt.

I do think that things will come around, for me anyway. That after the first of the year I’ll be out on one of those road trips I wanted to make a part of my new lifestyle, and I’ll be involved a little more in live play in Las Vegas, and just getting my feet wet again with the whole scene. But for right now, I have a great cup of coffee to toast through and more poker to read about. L-8-ter

One thought on “It’s a wonderful Wednesday”

  1. Linda,
    Yes, I should be all over the TV when this one airs. I have no idea when that will be. Bobby G.and I dealt the final table.
    I remember you telling me about how HOT it was under the set lights. I can now confirm it. It was miserably HOT HOT HOT. The cards seemed to be coated with glue. With the earpiece in your ear you can hear everything including yourself talk. It was quite distracting at first. You’re sitting there looking like stone waiting for the director to tell you to put out a flop, turn or river. Lean left–lean back–lean right (so the camera could get a good angle on a particular player).Until the players got used to it they were asking what I was waiting for. I’d just point to my earpiece and shrug. It was a very interesting experience.
    For the most part the players were perfect ladies and gentlemen.
    The whole "team" poker concept takes some getting used to. Chip dumping to your teammate was widespread and obvious…..and part of the game and concept.
    PS do we have a date tonight or tomorrow?

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